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  • The green one is the only thing that works for me, maybe I have hands entirely constructed of tumours

  • The green stuff aren’t as good but it doesn’t cause a reaction to my hand like the orange stuff.

  • Calling people out as snowflakes in response to criticism = MEGA is Mamnick!

    Interestingly they delete comment about the whole MAGA/MEGA slogan.

  • @Tijs the internet definitely need trump & Bozo in MEGA caps

  • Have you seen someone has set up a fake account pretending to be you?

  • Pretty sure the MEGA insta account was the Gatwick store account (at least the profile photo indicated it was a few days ago, before being changed recently to that shitty hat)

  • Worth Ed contacting the police?
    That’s really fucking harsh, what a cunt

  • Huh. Looks like that fake Ed account has been deleted along with it's comments

  • I’m touched.

    What exactly did it contain?

  • References to deafness, misogyny, a bunch of weird horrible shit.

  • Didn’t see how long the account had been up for, was a total of about 10 pics. Maybe @Sumo might know. They are a horrible lot.

  • It looked to be someone's actual account they hadn't used much because there was some genuine photos of them, they'd changed the name, description and profile photo. I don't know how many comments they posted by they definitely posted on on the makeevansgreatagain post of the hat, something like "this offends me as a proud transgender", then there was a bit of back and forth from the makeevansgreatagain account almost like they're mates in on the same joke.

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  • My favourite is the implications that there’s something wrong with being trans!

    See what you mean by its being related to that Gatwick account.

    Made between now and 10 hours ago since I only uploaded the red photo 10 hours ago!

  • Given how quiet Evans Cycles is about it, you’d assumed it’s a marketing idea approved by them.

  • That’ll probably help you identify who it is.

  • In situations like this, it’s best for companies to ignore what’s going on as giving the troll the attention they crave legitimises them.

  • Beat me to it!

    Many a beaten up old Ford Capri's oil and grease has been cleaned off my hands with this

    I was just about to post that the last time I used Swarfega was circa 1985 and that was after tinkering with my Ford Capri (mark II, gold paint with black vinyl roof and wide wheels natch)

  • Make sense, although they theoretically have access to the account (unless the staff change the password).

  • Swarfega is useless, if you have bad skin like me its only good for enraging it and opening up big itchy dry cracks, useless IMO.

    Rema Tip Top handcleaner, utter boss, no idea what its made from, but cleans off just about everything (including dried on paints/diesel egr gunk/used gearbox oil) without putting plastic in the drain and leaves skin soft and supple.
    Bought a big tub 18 months ago, think its around £25 trade? still have more than half of it left, extremely good value.

  • When did Mamtwatnick start working at Evans?

  • Noted. This thread has been useful for something at least.

  • Hah.

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Evans Cycles

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