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  • Don’t forget to add mandatory holiday on Boxing Day.

    Only Boxing Day? That's probably better than a reasonable percentage of UK workers who have to take mandatory holiday between Christmas and New Year. (It's very common in various office environments.)

  • As far as I know, only Boxing Day the store closed.

  • Notting Hill used to close for two days, for carnival, and get boarded up

  • Yeah so they’re gonna show you your full years allowance because you could book it all in now months in advance, you need to know how much you’ll have. But it’s assuming you won’t be leaving.
    If you leave 20% through the year, you’ll only get 20% of the holiday allowance. Temptation is to not take it and to get paid the extra in your last pay check but consider that in your next job where you will join 25% through their year, you will have 25% less holiday allowance there.
    A full years work with only a couple weeks off is tough so sometimes the time off is better than the money.
    So yeah, you’re entitled to the time or the money for your holiday allowance but only proportional to the amount of the year you’re with the company.
    Otherwise you’d move jobs half way through the year and get 28 days from both companies right?

  • Wicked, that's cleared it for me, thanks.
    Might just go back to being a courier!
    You can take candid photos of me riding again, you perv!

  • Haha oh yes I forgot that was you.
    Well I’m not in soho much these days so you’ll be free to skid around unperved on

  • you’ll be free to skid around unperved on

    Shit fixie pervs say >>>>

  • Picked up a new bike from my local Evans this afternoon, when I pointed out that the tyres had no air the assistant said “there’s a pump over there” and pointed at a track pump, interesting take on customer service.

  • Amazing.

    I would give the bike back because it doesn't pass the M-Check, seriously, if they missed something like that, what else could they miss? the stem bolt?

  • They had forgotten to flip the stem as I’d asked so I did that and everything should be ok, fortunately as it’s the new pinnacle single speed there aren’t many other bolts to miss!

  • Fair play to them, giving the staff Carnival weekend off to celebrate :thumbs: :woohoo4dayweekend:

    (NH is/was the epitome of Evans in a nutshell - every caricature was represented - The sympathetic and skilled grease money (that left), to the newbie parroting company policy about re-booking a service with the rest of the hoi polloi to fix a setup fault on a 4k mtb, to the reliable old hand that rolled his eyes every time said newbie got to a member of the public first etc etc...)

  • That said...Fair play to any bike shop tbc. No idea how anyone sits down and comes even close to considering it profitable. The amount of piss I (looking back) took (via advice and esoteric potential builds...on their Saturday walk up slots) out of the LBS on All Saints Road makes me shudder in embarrassment.

  • Dropped off my bike on the 7th for a hub service in one of the London stores and have had one voicemail back from them to say that they've not managed to fix it yet. Theres apparently no notes on the internal system about it, and i've very much lost patience - am I within my right to take it to another shop without paying for a hub service?

  • Well yeah, since they haven’t done it.

  • anyone know about evans cycle and saddle return? i want to try a load of different saddles cause im practically losing my mind over buying and selling these.

    was thinking of taping the rails to keep it in top knick...

  • not sure about Evans, but some manufacturers provide shops with test saddles for this very reason.
    usually emblazoned with garish 'test' logos so people dont just keep them.

  • Same as anywhere “resellable condition” is the crux of it. Depends on your seatpost clamp but I’ve tried to prevent marking rails in the past quite a lot, and have never been successful.

    Don’t know if it’s still the case but Bontrager used to do a 30 day satisfaction guarantee thing, so when I was in shops I’d recommend people start with one of those. The shop would send the returned ones back to Trek for credit on their account.

  • Condor have a bunch of test saddles. I think the deposit is something like full RRP though.

  • It was pretty much no quibble with a generous trial period when I did it about 6 months ago. Then, any Fabric saddle has additional time on top of Evans' own trial period because they add another level of trial themselves.

    I made sure I looked after the one I had and you wouldn't know I'd used it.

  • So Evans Waterloo Cut is closing on the 9th August I’ve just been told by the staff there...

  • The OG no longer the OG,

  • Confirmed

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  • All looking not exactly rosy at the parent company too:

    I wouldn't be leaving my bike with Evans right now or paying up front for anything, personally.

  • I have a friend with a gift voucher for Evans cycles for £150 but hoping to sell for £125. Any interest to anyone? PM me

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Evans Cycles

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