Silver smiths/ jewellery designers

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  • Hi Guys

    So i asked the love of my life to marry me, and then started to think about how i don't really like gold!So i was wondering if any of you guys and girls are silver smiths, metal workers or jewellery designers?
    I want to have something a bit different, so if any one can help, just drop me an e-mail.
    Many thanks


  • so what was his/her answer?

    something "a bit different"? what like a tin opener or a box of matches?

    have you thought about a crimp?


  • arrospok - the ring that says more…

    congratulations fella - these guys do some nice stuff

  • it was yes, provided you don't invite the sarcastic ones from the forum!!

    i wanted to go with some fluro lit up ring, but decided that would just be stupid and anally retentive.or perhaps the latest campag sealed bearing system!
    this was just a serious question, aimed at seeing if someone out there was willing to share their skills and make something special for another human being to celebrate their wedding.
    sorry if my serious question offended you.

  • cheers wayne, and thanks for the link!

  • lol sorry if i sounded offended, i was just being a knob.

  • The wife of one of my best mates in Peckham is a jeweller and made our engagement/wedding rings. I'll see if she has a web site.

  • how did anyone whose 1st call on romantic matters is this forum... ever get engaged?

  • My family runs a jewellers, my reccomendation is go for platinum of just HTFU and get gold.
    Silver isn't hardy enough for a ring you're gonna wear for the rest of yo' nachel bawn life.

  • My flatmate works for this guy.­

    All the stuff is bespoke, so give 'em a call or pop in and make some demands :-)
    I've got a direct number if you like.

  • thank you guys for all your help, awesome!

  • Go platinum for a good non-gold metal.

  • mdizzle, my mate Duffy is an amazing Silversmith. He's the lanky bearded chap who works in Carharrt, he's seriously awesome. Platinum, Silver, Gold, jewels...the works.

    Hit him up in store or I can get him to get in touch if you like?

  • which carharrt store the one by the stussy store or the one in neal st.?
    I am back in london on thursday till saturday, so i might look him up on thursday or friday, can you pass him my e-mail address, i would be maybe thinking titanium(gotta get my girl into cycling somehow!!) but it would be cool to chat to him!!

    nice one bro, thank you for any help you can give! i knew there was a reason i pit this post up on the forum!!


  • the one down from the stussy store. You can't miss him he's tall and has hair and a beard like Jesus. Tell him Andy put you onto him.

    No worries, i'll send your emal to him too.

  • a friend of mine makes and designs her own jewelery i'll try and get a phone number of website

  • Done deal i just facebooked him. hopefully he'll get in touch soon.

  • Bumping this thread as I'm in the market to get some old jewellery, mainly silver bracelets/chains and a couple of gold bits melted down and made into something new..

    Anybody got any new contacts, or know someone whose able to produce something nice. Probably dragon inspired..

    let me know

  • I think Bike Destroyer (if he is still on here) is a silversmith.
    And doesn't Mini Cooper make jewellery too?

  • My homegirl Danila Tarcinale absolutely kills it - google her up, she does amazing work.

    Oh here you go:

  • Mini's back in oz, quinny. Bike destroyer I didn't know about, will drop him a pm..

    bleak, thanks for the reference (did you see what I did there), will have a look at her work right now..

  • Any jewellery designers currently on here? I'm after a ring.

  • a close friend of mine makes a lot of different silver and gold jewellery­ry/?fref=nf&pnref=story

    her work has also chosen by the royal academy for display and sale

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Silver smiths/ jewellery designers

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