Newcastle Rides

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  • Chill Fee, Just chill.

  • Does anyone fancy a ride tonight? It is wednesday. Or we could just sit and argue at the Tyne bar.

  • i vote the latter as it is wet and beer is good

  • Supposed to get sunny at 6 but I be up for short ride and Tyne bar sit

  • Ride sound good - got some 'proper' tyres and tubes now! So we shouldn't get a repeat of last week.

  • I'll bring a quid and some Sellotape just in case

  • tyne to trent house short enuf for ya

  • So whos out n about tonight, I wont be around till 7 tho

  • Can we just hang out in a carpark and do loads of skids tonight?

  • Lot of good ideas floating about here. I'll be at the Tyne at 7

  • Suns poking out now - we riding tonight then chaps?

  • Im in

    1. Steve
  • If you're just hanging about the tyne bar i'll come, but im not going for a ride since i've got the worst hangover that the entire human race has ever encountered.

  • just found a photo of mark from last weeks ride...

  • Balls to it - going to stay home & watch some bollocks on the box with the missus!

    See you chaps next week though.

  • Did anyone go tonight?

    See you Saturday for Pizza and Cheesy Chips with Garlic Sauce race.

  • Me, liam, lucas, jonny and fee

  • Steve had the most productive evening, he trued his wheel whilst we all bantered about being mint

  • correction jonny and lucas bantered about being mint, me and liam talked about freewheels

  • So you didn't ride anywhere? Shit, if I'd known that I would have come.

  • Hahahaha

  • Hiya,
    I'm Josh, one of the smoggy lot. Are you guys still doing Wednesday evening rides? There's nothing doing down here, mind if I pop up one week and tag along?

  • good question, anyone riding weds?

  • I'm game if my legs have recovered from the GNR.

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Newcastle Rides

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