Newcastle Rides

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  • either monument or haymarket, im not sure yet. think im gonna head down as long as its not raining

    on closer inspection, it seems to be haymarket

    1. Matt
    2. Gav
    3. Tristan
    4. Phil
    5. Tom (Dependent on work)
  • so is anyone going down for crit mass then??

  • I was gonna, now not 'cos can't make it into town for 5.30

  • im going tristan

  • Okay weather is looking bad for Saturday. What I suggest is getting the train to Stockton first to make best use of the gale force wind as it'll be mostly behind us.
    Meet 8.15 at Newcastle Central Station in order to catch the 8.30 train. That sound okay?

  • apparently northern rail will only allow 2 bikes per train.......
    should we just risk trying to get more on?

  • I'm oot.

  • Rain, wind and the whole train situation.

    IM OUT

  • beers ride this week, sick of being inside. wednesday?

  • beers? ride? wednesday? agreed.

  • Dependent on work count me in for Wednesday

  • i'll go

  • might join ya if the weathers ok

  • beers ride this week, sick of being inside. wednesday?

    Beers? Yes!
    Ride? Yes!
    Wednesday? Yes!
    Sick of being inside? Yes!
    Sick of getting soaked whenever I do go out? Also YES!
    Let's try to arrange some dry weather....

  • Cant wait to come along to some of these rides soon! :)

  • Im not working.

  • cool, weathers looking cloudy but dry too, shall we say monument at 8?

  • beautiful. the name of that burrito place from the quayside was called salsa y sabor btw, they have a cafe in durham that does them. i say summer ride to go get a burrito.

  • Could do with a good ride. Where ya ridin to? Might join ya's

  • riding to the pub isnt it

  • lol ask a stupid question... lol

  • ok time for another stupid question, we talkin 8am or 8pm???

  • haha really?? i guess we could do beers for breakfast one day...


  • haha, yer im having a special day lol

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Newcastle Rides

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