Newcastle Rides

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  • This is on a Leazes tonight­zesCriterium.asp
    Anyone fancy watching some races then going out for a ride? Meet at monument at 6ish?

  • Shit would have loved to come to that but completely forgot and made other plans. I'm hoping to be out on sunday though ?!

  • sweet i was just gonna post that i was heading to this. will be at monument at 6

  • ga! camping trip sounds great but im in austria then. i like the sound of fonedogs plan, we should get a weekly bike ride trip sorted. sunday nights would be good but does that clash with polo?

  • Ok so camping Saturday night somwhere cool ride back Sunday simples!
    Meet around five?

  • Yep, what Pete said.

    Ali, polo's at 4 on a Sunday. Plenty of time for riding after that

  • Matt and Pete, this is the bivvy-bag/hammock thingy that I've got. It's a handy alternative to tent when you wanna travel really light and only 25 bucks.­MOCK-Survival-Bushcraft-Army-/2206183361­44?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&ha­sh=item335de0a790

  • newcastle to keilder reservoir?

    about 45 miles, 430ft elevation.­

  • whats the plan for saturday? is the road trip still on?

  • Yeah man, you in?

  • should be. what time you setting off?

  • Yeah, what time are you setting off? Where shall I meet you en-route (Blyth-ish)? Also, I need to know what bikes peeps are planning to use. Have got access to a geared roadbike so no need to use the Viking if everyone else is going geared.

  • Still planning to leave at 5 as far as i know. Any talk about it at polo?
    By the time we've messed about, say 6:30 in Blyth? Can't remember the exact way the route goes but I don't think we need to go into the town centre so if we meet somewhere on the west side.
    I'm going geared.

  • whats the plan with this ride? you riding up the coast somewhere? campsites/wild camping? what would one need to come along? tent?

    anyone doing it fixed?

  • Yeah, ride til we find somewhere good to stop. Pub, beach, wild camp etc. Might try and pick up a cheap bivvy bag tomorrow instead of tent, didn't get round to getting the one John suggested. You'll be fine fixed

  • Yes Matt, there was some talk at polo 'bout this trip. Ed mentioned a mate of his who might come along, plus Tristan and his mate too.
    I'll probably catch you at the Bebside junction on the A189, just outside Blyth. I guess whichever way you go, you'll pass through there. Geared bike still not sorted, so may still turn up on the Viking.

  • i'll be fixed too. people are gonna be heading back in the morning right? need to be back by 4 ish

  • yep fixed for me
    couple of us maybe...4 or 5 ish somewhere...i dont know the way out but coast is ok? etc
    i aint camping..gonna head back late on gotta be busy sunday morning

  • i'll be fixed too. people are gonna be heading back in the morning right? need to be back by 4 ish

    yeah I'm keen to get back in time for polo too phil :)

  • yeah... that's why i need to be back...

  • Peoples still up for camping

  • no camping fer me.
    whats the meet point in newcastle..?
    and what time?

  • yeah, I'm camping.
    Can we meet 5:30 monument.
    See what happens.
    Should be half a dozen at least.
    John, we'll give you a call when we actually hit the road and you can meet us. Find nearest pub if necessary

  • so is anyone taking a tent? i have a sleeping bag but thats all

  • yeah, i've got small tent although hoping not to need it

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Newcastle Rides

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