Newcastle Rides

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  • First meeting of Newcastle Trackies:

    4pm, Bank Holiday Monday, Monument

    Riding out to South Shields for some 'drome action

    Non NJS and UCI set-ups welcome

  • Wish I was free for this!

  • Track meet still on today?

    And is it a excuse to wear a skin suit?

  • Yeah, still planning to go. I think you can wear whatever turns you on fella

  • .....I think you can wear whatever turns you on fella

    This does sound like license to wear comedy outfits.

    Although you'd have to be pretty thick-skinned (no pun intended) to wear lycra in public during daylight. Or so fast that you don't hear the laughter as you speed past. ;)

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  • on that note i've just purchased some lycra cycling pants. jesus

  • A few snaps from South Shields. One to be repeated.



  • DrAlfonzo,
    You could always wear them under your regular clothes. That way you can get the (ahem!) benefits of lycra, without looking like ......

  • A few snaps from South Shields. One to be repeated.

    Nice shots, Matt. They capture the day nicely. Got more? Unfortunately I didn't take any myself.
    Agree we must do this again, a regular thing maybe?

  • Here's a couple more. Total cheat's method of taking photos but come out quite well

  • Excellent!
    BTW, did anyone else keep a record of their times?
    Not that I'm at all competitive or anything ;)

    John - 42.7 glad not to have come last really

  • Found this info about the track.­p?name=Velodromes&op=showtrack&id=774­psies-green-velodrome-cycling/

    5 laps to a mile? That doesn't sound right to me...

    Oh pretty sure I posted a 42 something lap and 3.51 for 4.

  • 5 laps to the mile is for the running track, velo is 4 laps to the mile or 400ish m.

    I think my standing start lap was 41.7 at a slightly disappointing 34.6kph average.

    For hour record, you're looking at 130 x 27.8 second laps.

    I'm up for going back evenings after work to try and improve.

  • Who did the 39 then?

  • gutted i missed it, marquee riggers don't get bank holidays it would seem (or weekends for that matter)

  • As polo seems to currently be the only thing properly organised would anybody be up for weekly meets to go for a ride?
    I was talking to ricky about it the other week and he seems keen, anyone else?
    Few miles out to a pub then ride back, be nice to make use of these light nights, we could also incorporate things like the heaton sprints along with Ricky's gosforth 'veledrome' time trial laps.

  • If you build it....they WILL come

  • Sweet pics. Don't think they quite capture the blistering pace on show though. lollz.
    Well up for regular stuff; track days, drinking, riding etc.

    There are some more pics here:­sets/72157624184395190/

    Good times

  • Really nice pics Gav.

    Tom, yeah itching for more rides but it's all about time innit. Soooon

  • I've had a stupid idea. Been reliving past trips and got the urge to do an overnighter. Got quite a lot on over the next few weekends but Friday (18th) springs to mind. Thinking 40 mile or so ride out into Northumberland after work, camp, few pints, smokes etc and come back Saturday morning. Also has benefit of being the closest weekend to the summer solstice. Will probably do this on my own if no-one fancies but I know a few people mentioned doing trips n shit at that first drinks session of the year.

    Also, Tom and anyone else, I'm up for riding tonight. Maybe Wylam or something...

  • I've had a stupid idea....

    Yeah, stupid like a fox, as Homer might say. This is good idea. More details as they come, please.

  • yeah, i'm in. panniers, tents and the like? Or all nighter and a fire to keep warm?

  • Im away that weekend.
    Tomorow ride anyone?actually looking at the time today ride?

  • yeah im up a ride today if anyone's about?

  • Areet - camping trip. First thoughts were to go Hadrian's Wall direction but on the other hand, camping next to the beach would be ace. Wild camping would be ideal but I reckon there may be a few people interested in this and that could make it more difficult. There's a little campsite I know in Warkworth called Rose Cottage. I've just had a look and they have fourteen pitches + it's right near the beach/pubs and would have added benefit of security when you leave your stuff in the evening. It's about 35 miles so should be easy enough to crack it out with a 6pm start and still have time for beers.

    I have a decent 2 man tent and a cheapo one. Happy to share one and lend the other.

    So that's Plan A. Really up for wild camping or soemthing a bit more adventurous if anyone has any suggestions but I doubt we'd find anywhere on the coast unless we're prepared to be more devious, pitch late, leave early etc. + the less self-sufficiency gear (i.e. stoves, food, beer) we have to carry, the better.

    Thoughts on a postcard

    P.s. can't ride tonight but enjoy. I went out to Tynemouth last night. Was awesome in the sun. 1:15 there and back as well which I was pretty happy about.

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Newcastle Rides

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