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  • The only way to grow your city is to keep visiting it.. wheres the skil in that?

  • shit Hael, i am bored at work - but not that bored ;)

  • hehe, ah the trick is to think of ways to get people to visit your city, ive just set up a gumtree dirty ad with the link to my "pictures" ...oh theres gonna be some angry horny people! ;)

    Also the people that thought of it must be making a mint of the ad revenue ..bastards wish i thought of that

  • Fixedopolis is a shiitehole backwater with no roads!
    Aren't you gonna link to your city here? (Or is it going in the Classifieds section as a link to a 58cm NJS frame...)

  • D'oh! Saw that the link was to glenburn.. I think the local government is wasting money on marketing when what we want is consistent NHS service, better schools, and congestion charging.

  • shhhh ;)

  • canny stuff dude.

  • ooo i did see this Arrospok for cheap tho

  • hael ooo i did see this Arrospok for cheap tho


  • Forearmscar?

  • self harm.... go speak to a doc...


  • Floorplans from autocad into Illustrator = pain.

  • yep... but there has been some fun...

  • Airport toilets?

  • nah building in whitecity on site... looks abit like this...

    but the other way fucking bored! Beers east side is deff calling

  • Floorplans from autocad into Illustrator = pain.

    I've found .wmf files open easily enough (maybe in Freehand tho'), that's if you can get the dozy architect to press the right button of course... ;)
    Nice scar! :)

  • What's that? It looks like the magnet layout from one of my dad's CAD plans of a giant electromagnetic induction motor for a ship. Just because it's loads of strips laid out in a cylinder. :)

  • So I did this to see what it would look like.

    Perhaps it should have been in th anti porn thread.

  • which bit am i looking at?

  • at a guess, the 650.

  • it's a very nice wheel

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