Cambridge Thursdays Social Ride

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  • my site.
    le ride.

    Great little ride, need to get out more.

  • my site.
    le ride.

    Great little ride, need to get out more.

    sweet, cheers
    good ride indeed

    P.S. some impressive portfolio, no wonder you have 3TB full of photos

  • was anyone planning on riding to reach fair on may 2nd (bank holiday monday?)

  • was anyone planning on riding to reach fair on may 2nd (bank holiday monday?)

    yeah i will do it if others do

  • Yes! :)

  • Hey. Chatting with Arthur last Thursday at the Maypole... ... Anyone up for riding again soon? Good weather we've had so far this spring. I don't know the routes so well, but can have a look into planning some over the next week or so... We obviously need to know where we're going.... Unless anyone else wants to 'lead' us, of course...


  • We obviously need to know where we're going...


    But seriously, yes, a ride would be nice...

  • I'm up for a ride, earlier the better, then do polo too!

  • I can't make much earlier than say 5.30 this Thurs - how does that fit with you guys? I Haven't planned any route yet, but wanna hit the gogs - I know how to get out there pretty quickly from the Maypole, but it's not a very interesting route (just through town, down hill's road towards Addenbrooke's...)

    Anyone got any alternative ideas/routes that maybe catch what few hills we have around these parts? No way I'm gonna have time by this Thursday, but want to get a few routes onto map my ride.

  • i think i will start coming out thursdays maybe next week if i have my new fixed sorted !! been riding geared way to much

  • 6.45? Or 7? will need to get some fuel in first

  • I'll scoot by between 6.30/7.00 tomorrow;-) Still no route planned, but sure we'll manage. Unfortunately, won't be around next week, 'cos in Denmark - should be able to do the wek after though.

  • Got a route in my head that takes in a few hills, 6.45 at the pole.

  • See ya there! I'm prob gonna be a bit earlier, 'cos caught a puncture this morning, and only had a (really bad) tiny giant pump - JUST made it to 70 PSI. Gonna drop by the Ambulance and borrow one of Ric n Andy's floor pumps....

  • Longbow Apaches, Low flying cargo plane and bumping into that time trial - very good ride - pity we lost 1/3rd of our party so early on! like that Endomondo ap (or whatever it's called). Don't wanna get all 'Victor Mature' about rides, but reckon if we post a route before the ride commences on here (as you did, TA - Cheers for that), everyone could check it, and know roughly where we're going. IF more people do start riding again, that is.... Anyway, great to catch up, mate.

  • Oh yeah - think the idea of slapping a few spoke cards in the fG/SS parked around town is a good one - just give the link to this thread. They'll get ignored by loadsa 'Too Kewl For Skewl' hipsters, but may spark some interest...

  • Hey. Anyone up for riding tomorrow? Once again, I've totally failed to plan a route, but would happily do the same as yo planned last time, TA. Gonna shoot by Maypole around 6.30ish.

  • No can do this week, I shall be in london shooting some children,,,,,,,,,, 's theatre!

  • I will ride tonight. We can plan the route before leaving if no one did, or I will try to find some time between two analyses!
    See you at the Maypole!

  • The ride you did last time looks good though, let's do it again!

  • Hey - yep - will be along - MUST change my front tyre though - it's totally shot. Already arranged to meet Ric at the pole to get a new one. May have to borrow your petit pump again;-).

  • Fancy a ride among fellow fixed riders, live in the cambridge area. Anyone fancy a ride sometime soon?

  • this is lame can't believe its been since august!!!!!!!!!!!
    need to start riding again!!!

  • Why don't you organise it ?

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Cambridge Thursdays Social Ride

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