Local elections

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  • so... who's voting for who?

  • like a muppet i forgot this morning, and am going out tonight so can't vote..was gonna vote for the morlock though...I just can't do Ken

  • ^^ thank god you're going out then Clefty ;-)

  • Boris is a very intelligent man, pretending to be an idiot..whereas Ken...

  • Boris is a vehement right wing, pro war, anti Kyoto tory with no experience of managing a budget beyond that of the Spectator, let alone the £11 billion annual London budget. Ken likes newts and drunken fisticuffs. Paddick has the eyes of a deadman. The green candidate is the blind leading the blind. Ho hum.

  • This helped me decide: www.votematch.com. It's really good, a blind test to see who your opinions are most aligned to.

  • English democrats.

  • is boris really pro-war?

  • He vehemently supported both iraqi invasions and "stood behind" Bush, but then so did most of the House. Anyway, I'm not going to carry on.

    This is a message board about uni geared bi wheeled transportation devices.

  • This is a message board about uni geared bi wheeled transportation devices.

    ...in london?

  • Well sort of, but we do allow the occasional immigrant. As long as they act servile and know their place. ;-)

  • who's talking about immigrants? i'm saying that the local elections are highly relevant to us on the forum.

  • You're right. I was just thinking that voting is a personal issue. The main three manifestos have similar cycle friendly implementation plans, which aren't really a vote decider in my opinion.

  • that vote match thing has really thrown me - the results were not what I expected

  • that votematch thing was a bit odd. it is based on specific issues and so comes up with funny results, but if you look at the break down after you can see broadly who thinks what and why your opinion coincided with whomever's it happened to.

    vote bozza. haha

  • It told me to vote for Lenin.

  • that's quite cool - the votey thingy told me to vote what i already intend to. score

  • thats interesting, it told me to vote for bloody Ken! - maybe its better that I missed out then :-)

  • it told me green, and then boris second... confusing.

  • i can't see the poll ;)

  • left list then green.
    What does that mean?

  • That Chug It won't sit next to you?!

  • this is interesting as well, I'm in the Ghandi section!

  • let's see if this works:

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Local elections

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