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  • Anyone got it? Played it?

    I really fucking want it!

  • my sister texted me earlier and told me in the smuggest way possible that she had it.
    i must say i am quite jealous.

  • I'm considering buying a PS3 because of it.

  • Me too, but then I realised that I would never leave the house and summer is coming, so it's right at the end of my 'I want' list now...

  • my mate got it for xbox today, had preorderd the whole box set shebang. I have it on order for PS3 and should get it next week.. Excited!

  • It should come out on the PC / Mac in time? I will get it then.

    In the mean time I have my Wii which just got plugged in. Awesome!

  • YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    If I was a bit younger, and owned a games console, I would be all over this. Looks mad fun.

  • ads you got mario kart? fancy a race?

  • Don't start thinkin you've got three lives when you're on the streets though

  • ads you got mario kart? fancy a race?
    No but hold that thought, I will be buying that game soon.

  • Mine arrived in the post on the day or release. I'm not very far into it but so far it's OK. Far too early in the game for me to get carried away. Very dark, from a lighting perspective, night is NIGHT.

  • I wish I could get GTA2 running on my Macbook. That game was the best. Especially the multiplayer.

    I also really want a Wii and Mariokart.

    Soul Calibur is coming out soon... you can play as Darth Vader and Yoda...

  • to play as Yoda fun would be.

  • I think I'm hooking myself up with it this weekend, in the the post coital glow that comes after voting for Boris

  • Are you being paid per Boris post?! I went shopping for GTA yesterday and couldn't find any PS stock, only X-box versions. Boo.

  • No, I am doing it for the love

  • I'm guessing the pc version isnt going to come out for at least a year (boo!)

    So that being the case, anyone got any idea if there is much to differentiate between the PS3 and Xbox versions? Seriously considering getting a 360 just for this game...

  • I have never played a video game in my life.
    Nor have I ever seen a Star Wars film.

  • why would you get an xbox over a ps3?

  • so you can play other people, more than about 20 i mean ;)
    gta4 is excellent, spent ages on it already, great game and well worth getting if you may be into it!

  • Worth buying a 360 for though? Hmmm. Must...not...spend...signing bonus....

  • i can't play video games anymore... i like them too much and haven't got the time to waste :(

  • are doing a 360+gta4 for £200. Now, i've always been a playstation boy but everyone is saying the xbox360 is better, so i might be inclined to switch.

    Then again, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out next month exclusive to PS3. What to do!?

  • hi, the driving is really sluggish and the online is pretty bad due to the lock on aiming... (apparently) still gunna cop me one of them bitches though

  • Renan...i very much doubt that the 360 is better then the ps3...personally i prefer the playstation and like you i have been a "playstation boy" since the start.i would get a ps3 if i was going to get any.
    thats quite cheap for the 360+gta4 though.

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