2008-04-23 - Rider Down, Another bike bites the dust

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  • Well done hope the op goes well. Is the two year driving ban not pointless if his sentence is three years though?

    Thats what I thought, but I assume that it starts after he gets released. The swiftness was also a surprise to me. To be honest I have had little to do with anything. The pain-killers/antibiotics i'm on render me pretty much useless. I guess Norwich is not a hotbed of crime so the courts have alot of free time :)

    • Im sure it is going to take a while for me to actually see any money!
  • HOOORAY!!!

    Vinz hope you're healing OK. Best of luck. I hope you get some decent damages for this, as well as the satisfaction of this just punishment. Its a shame that one idiot has damaged lots of peoples' lives, their own, maybe their kids if they have any, and not least yours.

    I'm moving to Norwich... well maybe.

    Vinz, if you have any news report links for this I'm sure we'd like to read them.

  • That's great news, and quick - at least it didn't languish in the courts for ages. Heal up!

  • This is great news. By the way, I hope your operation goes well.

  • Wow, what a result. Good luck in the op, i'm sure you'll heal up soon :-)

  • Good news. I'm glad the guy got time; though 3 years works out to about a year and a half (with good behaviour - which happily means that he must not argue with bigger guys in the shower about picking up the soap). If his driving ban begins with his custodial sentence, then he'll still have 6 months to catch taxis and buses when he comes out. Maybe he'll be too sore to ever want to be near a road again? Let's hope they send him to Brixton. That'll serve him.

  • Wow, that's an amazing result; he certainly got what he deserved. Hope you're back riding soon.


    Good luck with your swift recovery Vinz.

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2008-04-23 - Rider Down, Another bike bites the dust

Posted by Avatar for Vinz @Vinz