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  • Is anyone familiar with Kiwi Cycles. They are offering the following Hand built wheel set. Mach1 CFX rim Mach1 double butted spokes Formula track hubs. Black or Silver £100:00 It strikes me as a good deal, however I am new to this whole SS thing. If this is not a good deal any suggestion of a low cost, non flash, but reliable wheelset would be appreciated.

  • **home Of Fixies Hey : )

  • Paul is a decent bloke. it's a cheap wheelset but very good value i'd say. go for it and get rolling!

  • i'd ring them up first though.
    they don't always have the stuff in stock, so you might have to wait.

  • I had spotted this shop a few times (it's not very well signposted on the outside) and popped in for the first time yesterday to get a couple of new tyres and tubes put on my racer. The guy couldn't have been more helpful. They also have a real nice selection of new and second hand bikes, saddles and accessories in stock, a street cruiser hanging from the ceiling really caught my eye, one of their own builds and a thing of beauty.

    Anyone living on the eastside should check them out and support a deserving local business.

  • Paul is a good guy, I did some business with him when I moved to uk 2 years ago (I was selling him some stuff I was bringing from italy) he is a decent mechanic but not good at building wheels in my experience...

  • Kiwi cycles ftw!!

  • I just got back from 3 weeks out the country today and was riding past their shop, something didn't look right so I pulled up to take a look.

    The shop is empty (apart from their kerb sign standing against a wall) and it looks like they bailed. Does anyone know if they've gone for good or are just moving? I hope it's the latter.

  • i know they have 2 premises, the shop and the workshop.. which are 5mins away from each other. Maybe they found that annoying and amalgamated. who knows.

  • I spoke to them two weeks back and they said they were having a few problems but hope to get the shop open again soon - the workshop is still open as normal.

  • OUt of curiosity, anyone have any bad feedback about these guys? A bike of theirs that was utterly shocking came into the shop today, I know they are supposed to be quite on top of it, so I was a bit confused.

  • Yes. Extremely shit service and delivery on some stuff I ordered. Will not use again.

  • Intresting. The bike that came in had rear brakes with too short of drop, but the real reason it came in is that the wheel they put on it had loosened it's spokes to the point that it was unrideable. Not a big deal, it was a cheap machine built wheel that they probably could have warrentied. But they didn't. And they sent him away saying that he would have to pay for it to be taken care of because they only offer a three month service on bikes, and this was month 4.
    I was a little bit shocked, considering how much he paid for a bike that was generally very cheap components.

  • It was mainly the guys attitude when I called after two weeks to see where my stuff was. It was worse when I called after another week. He got the message when I then called him twice a day for another week.

    Not so much as a hint of an apology or explanantion.

  • Thats strange and a bit sad to hear that, as i have used them in the past and found Paul the owner pretty helpfull and a nice guy too...

  • I found them useless.
    The guy in the shop didn't know what a headset was, or a sprocket, or a lock ring
    Paul didn't bother opening the shop when he has asked me to be there at 8.
    Having said that they did do Taurus rims, and I want another one.

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Kiwi Cycles

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