Want to buy a digital SLR - which one?

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  • depends if i can photograph it..

  • I'm not reading the whole thread but I've got an EOS 350d and think its great (its called the 400 or 450? now though).

  • I can't stand HDR

    HDR look shit when people abused it trying to make their boring photos look very bling bling.

    when HDR is done properly, it look beautiful.

  • sorry to bring up this thread again, but i was thinking about getting the 40d and was wondering what people think about it, but didnt want to start a new thread just about it. plus i know slamms mate had one for sale for 750, but is that normal price in london for it? (im not in london at the moment, im in tokyo and think it will be cheaper here, does anyone know if this is true?) thanks.

  • hdr often looks shit but then so does boring stuff shot on a lomo/lubitel or cross-processed.
    a fancy technique instead of content.

  • Honestly any big name brand really, the cheapest DSLR like the Canon EOS 1100D outperform the more expensive DSLR from 5 years ago.

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Want to buy a digital SLR - which one?

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