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  • take a magnifying glass

    Or a 3-year-old.

  • Or a 3-year-old.
    who can read.

  • to be honest, and for what it's worth, even a micro-pump maybe a bit on the large side and thus rather unwieldy for you.

  • haha Sano carrying a matchstick!

  • (I've got this and it's shit)

    Obviously operator error. Blackburn pumps rule.

  • yeah, bad workman blames his tool.

  • I've herd reelly good things about the topeak road morph - but I don't have one yet..

    Yep. They're very good - it's never let me down and it's impossible to snap the valve with it.

  • Talking of operator error, isn't that how valves get ripped off?

    The mini-morph may look good and work okay when new, but tales of the foldout foot snapping and the gauge going tits-up put me off buying one. Also, it's twice the weight and price of something like the pocket rocket which also achieves 120psi.

  • ^^^ who gives a shit about weight?

    well I guess when you're walking home with a flat you'll know you're carrying a little less weight.

    The Mini-morph doesn't have a pressure gauge.

    I've never had it snap. The only force on the foldout bit is the stroke when you're lifting the handle up and extending the length of the pump (i.e. not pumping air in), which is nothing. It'll only snap if you're a muppet and somehow start yanking it sideways rather than up and down.

  • Don't get one with a pressure gauge - they are wank, extra shit to go wrong.
    Don't get one with fiddly extras - they are wank, extra shit to go wrong.
    Just get a mini-pump that works and a track pump for home.

  • got a YPK nitro mini, broke after about 3 uses. get what you pay for i expect

  • This saved my life this weekend;


    well not quite saved my life but you know what I mean.

    This however has let me down on numerous occasions which is why I brought the one above.


  • CO2? :) if you want something small..

    I just dumpstered a new topeak two-timer (combined CO2 and normal pump) behind a bikeshop, it seems to work out okay, i can pump to useable pressure with the normal pump (though it does take some time).. didn't try the CO2 on that pump yet, but it works amazing on a SKS CO2-adapter i have.

    The Two-Timer is a bit big though... for normal riding around town i'm only going to bring a spare hose and the SKS CO2-thingy.

    ps: I DO love that bikeshops skip, I'm never going to buy tires/hoses, or saddles again.. ;)

  • anyone used this:

    Yup, I have one. It pumps up to 120 psi without too much aggro, but it takes a little getting used to. The cord could do with being a little tougher too - mine's beginning to wear out and catches every now and then.

    Not sure whether I'd heartily recommend it, but I prefer it to any other mini pumps I've used. It's not that light either.

  • I've got a Road Morph. Best mini-pump I've had.

    Takes a while to pump up the tyre though. If you can be bothered to carry the (minimal) extra weight then the larger mountain morph could be a good idea.

    I thought Morph's mate was called Chas (and not Chad).

  • [i know this is an old thread but..]
    has anyone had any experience with this:

    i am attracted by the pocket size-ness (but realize its probably a bit shite..)

  • are those carharrt baby track pump's (given away at the BFF and Fixed launch) any good?

    i already have the topeak one but a friend needs a pump, which one should i give him?

  • Topeak mini with gauge, does me 130 psi no problem, small, does it quick enough. Just keep a spare tube or two and support it behind the valve and make sure you don't rip away on the backstroke.

  • another vote for co2

  • and A.N.Other

  • Nothing useful to add because I lost my (adequate but uninspiring Specialized) mini pump some months ago, but I lurve my Joe Blow.

    edit: and I am responding to a post from April. What of it?

  • you're late

  • are those carharrt baby track pump's (given away at the BFF and Fixed launch) any good?

    i already have the topeak one but a friend needs a pump, which one should i give him?

    i've got one, works a treat.

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Pump advice

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