South London Beers On Tour: May/June 08

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  • So with the weather getting warmer, and the days getting longer, lets drink outside mroe often.
    So find below/above a poll, for venues to go drinking at.
    Obviously our spiritual home is the Trinity Arms, but there are many a good pub/boozer in the SW area. So lets go drink at them.
    This Poll is for the list of pubs that was posted in the original south london beers thread. These are the ones we'll be voting on first, any new pubs will be incorporated into a new poll at some later point, unless we make a random democratic decision to go there for shits and giggles.
    Vote for as many as you want, we'll go to them in winning order.

    PS. Should point out, if you've not been, or have no intention of coming to South Beers, might be best if you didn't vote.

    Poll Closes in two weeks time WED 30TH APRIL

    Loving you and everything you do.

  • as long as it not in clapham im happy



    Theres too hot scene pubs, for some reason all the men look at me funny when i walk in. The women aint that hot either

    Good beer though, everytime I've drunk in these two I pass out after 2 mouthfulls

  • The Ship, Wandsworth, lots of space by the river, mixed crowd, very pretty barmaids. Not as a regular though.

  • Just remembered The Telegraph, Putney Heath: nice ride not far from RP, might be too far West.

  • Hobgoblin in New Cross Gate? Have Landlord and Deuchars on tap, and are bike friendly.

  • why is the gland in hand on there!?

    I used to live ten doors away from that place. it was shit and always has been.

    a very bike un-friendly place if ever there was

  • keep out of this, easty-boy!

    the devil may take new cross, and stick it onto the eastern drinks, might as well be.

  • I thought it was ment to be south drinks not south west drinks? New Corss is as much south if not more so than Clapham

  • Lets keep it real, NOT Clapham, Wandsworth etc

  • fuckin hell tommy, have you ever seen a map of london? ;)

  • brixton/herne hill is dead south I reckon

  • lets keep it real, clapham wandsworth etc.

    does the bedford in balham have anywhere to put bikes? been a while since i was there but i don't think it has a garden and the pavement is narrow/busy and no railings.

    another vote for the telegraph though probably best for a sunday after a few laps of richmond.
    possibly even more than 1 lap like the last group ride there :-)

  • hey less fighting/bitching, ;-P south is south as far as I'm concerned, whether that be new cross/streatham/clapham/putney or richmond
    I put up the bars/pubs which had been put forward in the South London Beers thread. Any others that have come to mind, will be put forward in the next poll

  • so is this just for one session? after the 30th..

    where are we on the next two then?

  • its a list for when the weather turns for the better.
    We'll do a week at one of the pubs on the list and then onto the next one, whichever one comes out tops of the approval league, may become our summer home...

  • Just vote peoples, this be a shinin' light of democracy... Or somethin'... :p

  • why is the gland in hand on there!?

    I used to live ten doors away from that place. it was shit and always has been.

    a very bike un-friendly place if ever there was

    Lies, lies, lies! I take my bike IN there all the time, as do others

    In fact, I'll be in there tonight WITH my bike! :-)

  • The Bedford doesn't have anywhere great for bikes. There are railings outside, but not much space - though it is right at the end of my road so would be handy!
    As mentioned in some other thread The Exhibit has an outside area (lovely views of Sainsbury's carpark too), though may be a bit poncy for some.
    Would have proposed the Duke of Devonshire in Balham too, but sadly it has changed from old boozer to 'The Devonshire' - £4 a pint gastropub.

  • The Greyhound in Dulwich Village needs to be up there too imo, great outdoor space

  • Go for the Landor, I live across the fucking street from it

    beer garden out back but i aint sure how you'll get your bikes through it.

    Falcon out back of Clapham North Tube?

    I still say 3litres of Box on the Common is the way forward

  • Haven't you been banned yet? :-$

  • come on hermit's cave!!!

  • Haven't you been banned yet? :-$

    actually yeah thats why im posting???

  • Landor: Roberto and I just walked our bikes through to the garden to pissed fat-arsed comments, like 'who's the king of the mountains then'.

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South London Beers On Tour: May/June 08

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