Any generous van owner drivers on here?

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  • i might be driving my van up to Scotland to pick up some furniture in edinburgh some time around then. Its still a bit in the air - it might be during the may bank holiday.

    i'll let you know when its a bit more concrete.

  • can your friend drive, then you could rent a van and drive that

    it would be cheaper than the removal people

    or put everything on a massive trailer, attache me, you and object and anyonelse and ride it to london

  • I have not got a van but would be up for hiring a van and driving it down, I love a road trip! The only Problem being wheather the cost of one train fare + van hire + fuel makes it econmical. Debatable wheather it would be chaeper to hire the van in London and drive up and back or train up and drive down with the load, depends on ticket costs. Let me know if it falls through with silver and we can arange something.

  • p.s I have a lorry licence so size of van is not an issue.

  • FFS. Is nothing going to go right ever :]

  • im up for a road trip!

  • im up for a road trip!

    me too, only if we have bikini clad lady's as below!

  • Bank Holiday. Shit.

  • damn, if its aroundthem, i'm sitting on a sunny beach on the greek islands. actually, woohoo!!!

  • me too, only if we have bikini clad lady's as below!

    have you been to lockerbie?...its EXACTLY like that...the beaches are breath taking!

  • Another fookin fly in the ointment eh object...:(

    i thought that said "another fly in the omelet" i think thats more fitting..

  • don't have teeth and like to suck on.......................big cigars!?

  • Working on 330 miles London to Lockerbie, 1.08 pound per L for diesel and a van that does 25 to 30 mpg you are looking at 55 - 65 pounds in fuel one way. The mpg on the van is a guess but I know my Dad had a long wheelbase high top Renault master van(basically the bigest van before you go to a small lorry) diesel and that did abiut 22 - 25 mpg, it was old though 1989.

    I hired a small transit last september and that was about 30 or 40 quid per day including v.a.t. I would guess you would need a bigger van than that. You may have some better deals. I was in a rush to hire as my arangements fell through.

  • Actually.....lockerbie beach babes are far hotter!...:)

    Look at the hair on the chinny chin chin!

  • Either closeish to where I live. So Woolwich, Eltham Bexleyheath area. (I used Ava cars nr Eltham last time, I don't know how their prices compear because I was in a bind so took what I could get). Otherwise some where just out side the congestion charge zone in North London so we are on the right side of town for getting out and returning the van once unloaded so we don't get caught in too much traffic trying to return a van for whatever o'clock and get chanrged another day / half day. North central is prob the better out of the two because of getting the van back.

  • scott, check out 'ACE' van hire, we used them once ..really good and they're cheap.

  • would it maybe be better to hire from one as close as possible to the final destination...hackney wick?.....this would give the most time to drive to and from...and also more time for unloading.

    Yep I agree. When you get prices check about high milage extra charges, some do this so it may effect the price. I think we would need to give ourself 5 - 6 hours for the journey each way at a guess you prob have a better idea. Leave London the day before in the afternoon I guess?

  • Cool I'd rather not have to race and that. I checked I have all my documents so am in no hurry now, looking forward to the adventure. I have no idea what size van you'll need sounds like you have a fair bit of stuff but then it will pack down well. Strap anyother stuff on the back of the van ina bag;)

  • so, what's the deal with your accommodation? have you found a flat?

    sorry if this is common knowledge!

  • there is a van size calculator on certain rental sites that may help

  • Hey mate, we used these guys when we moved hous. They seemed pretty cheap and the Luton van would def get everything in. In Kentish town.­.php

  • another one to consider:

    just off camden rd. I've used them twice when moving house and they're pretty good. they also have a key drop so you can return the van any time before they open the next morning.

  • nice one.

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Any generous van owner drivers on here?

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