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  • My Gaerne shoes are humming from 2 years of on and off road use.
    Can you get replacement insoles for cycle shoes?
    Would like some of the Specialized BG ones if possible?

  • you can get them

    I've seen the sidi ones for £7 on chain reaction. fuck knows where to get the specialized BG ones from..

  • I have some of them that you can have, only used them once, as they were the wrong adjustment if you understand me. I will check what size and adjustment they are when I get home.

    However I can't recommend these highly enough;

    pricey but in my opinion extremely worth it.

  • You can also get custom footbeds made.

  • I did on your recommendation and they are fantastic. The whole experience was great, they spent about 4hrs going through stuff with me, I was so impressed with how patient they were. It has of course made a massive difference to my cycling.

  • I'm looking forward to my next pair too. I've got a pair of Sidi Dragons turning up tomorrow or Friday and just need to go and sort out the footbeds and shims. Cannot wait.

  • watch the soles on those VB, they are crap, you'll have to replace them quite often.....

  • The carbon ones?

  • yup, the replaceable soles, crapper rubber than on the dominators.

  • Oh well, if they're crap I'll buy some Church's Brogues next time and get cleats put in the bottom.

  • Get Trickers, 'Made in England'!
    I might pop into cyclefit, they are on the street behind me!

  • u can find them here­s/

    but im wondering if anyone here has any experience with them ?
    they are quite expensive at £30 +/- for some simple insoles i thought.

    Is it a case of "you might as well go to Cyclefit and get custom footbeds" for that price ?

  • insoles huh? thar'd be perfect to put in my Vans slip-on.

  • £30 quid for insoles?! Go and get some from any sports shoe shop for a fiver, you'll never notice the difference. All insoles become shaped to your foot in time, hence old shoes are more comfy etc...

  • i have some of those insoles (the red ones above)
    i didn't actually buy them as they came with some road shoes i was given, very comfortable though.
    haven't done the putting them in the oven then wearing them for 2 minutes thing yet.

  • You're feet will sweat lots with them.

  • ^^^
    The insole is what supports the foot inside the shoe, so it is important you get good ones.
    I got the ones at Cyclefit and they were £70, but they stopped my feet aching in the arch like I was getting, recently went to my physio as I have severe tendinitis in my Achilles and Fascia Plantar and after numerous treatments she said I need to get some insoles to give me more support. So you £5 insoles are not really up to the job, they just fil out your shoe, they are not made to give support!

  • insoles huh? thar'd be perfect to put in my Vans slip-on.

    except your shoes offer little or no support for cycling so an insole isn't going to make much difference. but if you are only riding to the shops and back you don't need good support for you feet.

  • Just a thought but....

    If you go into any decent ski shop, they will make a pair of heat molded insoles in a thickness to suit the amount of volume you need inyour shoes. They use a little foot oven thing to mold them. I cant remember them being that expensive (a lot more than £5 though).

  • Speak to Gormely on here, he works in orthotics

  • I use an insole. I heated them up in the oven and then pressed my feet to mold them.

    They've stopped my toes from going numb with my clipless shoes.

  • As technologically advanced as that method sounds, there is no substitute for properly fitted orthopedic inner soles, I have a pair that cost me a helluva a lot made out of carbon fibre, but they made the world of difference to my walking, as I have a small leg length difference and significant muscular damage to my right lower leg from a car crash I was passenger in when I was younger, the difference between these and the little wedge thing I have with normal inner soles in other shoes is phenomenal, if I had to spend the money again I would do so in a heartbeat.

  • thanks james... from what you said, i might as well fork out for the proper orthopaedic ones, and be done with it.

    i tend to walk on the outside of my feet (pronated or suponated i cant remember) and my right leg is shorter from breaking when i was younger it too. so cyclefit ftw.

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