2008-04-08 - Rider Down, Shoreditch

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  • My flatmate who bought the converted Armstrong off of Badtmy, rode it to college for the first time yesterday and had a collision on the way home.
    At around 3pm, a transit van pulled out of Rivington st onto Shoreditch high st, turning left without looking and took Tom out, Tom landed really awkwardly and has broken his Femur and sustained some other minor injuries. He will not be able to walk for 6 months, and has to undergo surgery, he has no idea where his bike is, he was out of it.. so if anyone sees it, let us know.

    Stay safe out there, there are a lot of idiots.

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...

    bad luck there.

  • shit man, that is awful. wishing tom a speedy recovery.

  • geeeeeez, that's terrible, any witnesses??

  • peepers are peeled, give get well soons yeah?

  • Shabby. Hope he recovers as swiftly as possible.

  • Any CCTV cameras? Thats terrible - best wishes for his recovery.

  • fck WVM strikes again! hope they get the fckr that ran him down. hope he recovers well

  • I saw him in the middle of the road, his bike was leaning on the lamp post, and there was a girl with him, holding his head. There was a fire engine there and a police bike just turned up as I walked down the road.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled as I'm around this area most of the time. Best wishes to Tom

  • hope he's riding soon as possible.

  • SOrry to hear that. Put the accident place in the thread title so it is picked up by google. It may be that a local picked up the bike and is keeping it safe like super Ted had happen to him.

  • fuck that is nasty. was it upgraded with something that wasn't on it when it was sold??

  • Wishing him a speedy recovery

  • That's rough. All the best to him. Any pics of the bike?

  • I ride through that spot twice a day. Sorry to hear about this BAD thing. Heal well Tom.
    Hope the transit stopped.

  • That's rough. All the best to him. Any pics of the bike?


    pretty unique frame, front wheel and saddle, and most importantly yellow cornflake reflector !

  • All best for a quick recovery.

  • i think he meant post-accident?

    max, that sucks buddy, give my regards to your mate - i feel kinda bad for selling him the bike! (not that it was the bike's fault, but still)...

  • Sounds real painful - hope he gets back on his feet quicker than the docs' prognosis

    Sounds like your classic WVM incident - had it happen to me before as well. You're undertaking slow/stationary traffic, the WVM thinks 'fuck it i've had enough of this' and swings left into the nearest junction, right across your path.

    Whenever I give people tips about riding in London this is the first thing I warn them about.

  • Sorry to hear that. Hope that he recovers quickly.

    Safe to assume that the cops have the bike? Evidence? Hard to believe that they would leave it there.

  • Speedy recovery.

  • People were talking about this around our office on Curtain Rd. Apparently the bike had bounced off down the road. I'm sure someone collected it. They wouldn't have left it unlocked. I wonder how the authorities will see the case, considering there's no brakes?
    Sounds like a bad mistake from the driver.
    I really hope he gets well very soon.
    Best wishes Tom.

  • Hope he recovers fully and fast.

    It wasn't his first fixed ride AND brakeless was it?

  • Wasn't that the way slamm started? He also hit a van early in his career.

  • Wasn't that the way slamm started? He also hit a van early in his career.

    explains a lot of things :p

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2008-04-08 - Rider Down, Shoreditch

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