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  • As the man said, Twitter is trash

  • What's going on with desktop twitter? Any attempt to read a thread by clicking on a tweet in someone's feed is met with a demand to log in and you can't get any further without doing so.

  • Not seeing this problem myself or hearing anybody else reporting the problem, so it's not general. Could even just be an issue just for you - problem with your account or your browser.

  • Have you got a VPN or adblocker?

    Instagram often does this do to me when I have them active, I miss out on whole swathes of hipster stores due to not having an instagram account.

  • could someone screen dump the trending screen please

  • Help me out here folks. I want to create a twitter account (bad idea, I know). When I try to sign up using my email address it says "Email has already been taken." Ok, so it looks like someone has used it to create a spam account, which you should be able to deal with by requesting a "forgotten password" password reset, but when I enter my email to do that it says "Verify your identity by entering the username associated with your Twitter account.", which I obviously can't do, because I don't know it.

    Any ideas?

  • The first 4 steps of this should find the username.­tter-accounts-email-addresses/

    (Obviously by that point you'll already have a twitter account set up.)

  • The latest version of their Apple app is un-fucking-usable. Reams and reams of other peoples likes, notifications that tweets you've previously seen have new replies and loads of old tweets, even though I'm using the latest view.

    Honestly, I feel for their engineering team, constantly having to roll out new, stupid features to increase 'engagement' when all that anyone wants is a chronological view of who they follow. Their product team should hang their heads in shame at what they do.

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