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  • I went to Barcalona few months back and forgot to make my recommendations.
    Sesamo for their vegetarian Tapas taster menu (€25pp 7 courses and a couple of glasses of wine)
    Was proper good, really small place and easy to miss, but worth searching for it.

    La Confitería is a great little bar near ParaLel station. Is a converted confectioners (hence the name) and still has the shelves behind the bar, now filled with a rather large selection of gins and rums (and others)

  • My 4 tips for Barcelona

    Betty Fords in El Raval - for drinks
    Bar Mut (north of La Rambla near Avenue Diagonal) or Guzzo in Borne - for food
    Werk It for clubbing on a Friday night. (h-h-house music)

  • Looks like I'm moving to Barcelona on March, unfortunately I can only take 1 bike so it looks like my track bike will be left at home. Hows the city for riding? Crazy traffic like London? terrible road surfaces like Paris?

  • @mk1mark been out here a few years now and riding in bcn is grand, never ridden through london but seen enough to know its not half as crazy, bike lanes zig-zag all across the city and the roads are ok, I actually think because of all the moped riders then divers are used to looking for smaller road users, you still see some shocking driving! Surfaces are ok for the most part but every now and then you find a couple of wrist jaring pot holes.
    Being fairly flat its an ideal city for bikes and with out a doubt the fastest and cheapest method of transport.
    Bicing (the equivilant of the london borris bikes) are pretty good and have a lot of 'stations' all across town, but can be a nightmare to use for the commute as very busy in the morning and around 5/6/7pm which can make finding and returning a pain in the arse, but its 50e for the year and an ideal alternative to a pub bike!
    Best advice, GET A DAM GOOD LOCK AND NEVER LEAVE IT OUT OVER NIGHT, unfortunate amount of theiving little c*nts about!

  • Bit of a dredge, but I don't suppose anyone has a 420 link in Barca do they?

  • What's a 420 link? On the basis that I don't know what it is then I doubt I have one but if its bike related then one of the guys I work with may do....

  • There are 'clubs' you can join and buy over the counter. Just keep your wits about you with the reps/promo guys in las ramblas.

  • Thanks mate! Sounds like it should all be achievable. Only there for a night at either end sandwiching 6 days cycling up into Andorra and noodling around the Pyrenees.

  • I've got a week of work in a few months in Barcelona and am taking a bike so I can ride a bit over the weekend before I go home. Is there a "best" route over the big hill as I'm planning on staying in Barcelona but work is over Sabadell way.

  • There's a really nice cycle path alongside the river to the East of Barca that takes you a lot of the way to Sabadell - @pepperedmunky pointed me towards when I was out there. For flat, traffic-free journey I'd thoroughly recommend.

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Barcelona Tips

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