What is a hipster? Look at this fucking hipster...

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  • Look has anyone else here even been to see Elayne and Marty at the Dresden? Well then.

    (The Tiroler Hut is probably London's closest approximation).

    I don't know what Infernos is.

  • Tighter trousers mean warmer legs, so trouser cuffs have risen and socks are removed.

    Cause and effect.

  • It’s all terribly discombobulating. Tight trousers with socks. Not tight trousers pulled up high. Snakeskin trousers. I despair.

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  • Can't say I have but I have seen Antonia from Tirol at Hohenhaus Tenne Schladming which I'd describe as a mix of Tiroler Hut and Infernos so we're getting somewhere to nailing this whole thing down

  • i think this guy is my friend. my brother.

    This guy is my actual brother, he even lives 5 mins from Inferno's, which he regularly attends, but only ironically because he's gay.

  • Looks like a modern take on Seinfeld

  • Brilliant! Kramer’s the one on the right, yeah? In the picture above, obvs. This is tha nu-shit! Simply brilliant. They woz hip b4 it woz hot...

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  • Oi, lay off the Tags.

  • Not a hipster. Just a normie. Prolly a plumber from Chigwell .

  • ^ A very trendy plumber. Not his work attire, I’d guess.

  • Just an Essex dad...

  • Or a model.

  • it's just such an iconic image isn't it? the clapham man with his tag heuer watch.

  • standing outside roti joupa or the big sainsburys checking the time

  • 'oop it's nearly 5. waitrose will have marked down the sandwiches by now'

    one of the most recognisable stereotypes in the uk

  • that might have been me it's not a tag it's a seiko. My Roti was nice although I hurt my teeth on the tamarind sweet thing and I'm off for a pint at the marquis.

  • up there with
    "is it worth staying late at work to grab discounted sushi from itsu?"

  • Just gonna run in to Little Waitrose to get something to munch on whilst we watch the Rugby in The Alexandra

  • "munch on"

    :( :( :(


  • I fear this is all a portrayal of City-Boy Cla’am types. The South London hipster set are all in Peckham, at Peckham Levels. Or The Bussey Building. Or The Nines.

  • Oooh, that's me then. I like Peckham levels.

    And I've got a beard.

  • this is all a portrayal of City-Boy Cla’am types

    Literally Simon Gerrans

  • Peckham Levels has just always been full of middle class kids running around when I've been there. Completely ruins the ambience and my enjoyment of a refreshing pint of Old Blue Last

  • Pint? Ha! How Neanderthal. It's all about drinking fractions now.

  • I have actually, about a year ago. We chatted to them a little bit too, well Marty. I wasn't that bothered but my wife wanted to go. Marty was very friendly. The bar is actually quite fun. Staff were very nice.

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What is a hipster? Look at this fucking hipster...

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