Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • The header has gone a bit rogue

    I think it was a blip while switching from light to dark. Ctrl+F5 to reload will sort it if it hasn't already fixed itself on your display.

  • Helped a bit on desktop but mobile is still off. Not a big issue though

  • Something broken a few mins ago?

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  • I never seem to get a notification if a new post, or a post I am following gets added/updated in the Cities & Places_Bristol section of the site. Is that some kind of bug or am I doing something wrong?

  • You only get an email notification if you tick "Notify me by email" otherwise follow just means it appears on your following page.

  • That option is checked for all of the Bristol section and for example the individual nightlife thread, I don't get an email for any new subject or any of the nightlife replies

  • Following a forum and asking for updates only tells you about new items in the forum.

    You need to follow an item itself to get updates about the changes to the items themselves.

    I made it that way to give people control and prevent it being overwhelming. Otherwise for most forums it's a constant stream of notifications with no controls to pick what you want to be updated about.

  • Would you mind putting a test post in this conversation please? Despite following it I am pretty sure I never received an email informing me of updates:­84/#comment16760272

  • Database says it was sent.
    Sendgrid says it was delivered.

  • Note also that email notifications are only sent once since you last visited a thread.

    So... follow a thread and it gets a reply... what happens next is a choice:

    1. You visit the thread... so the next reply also gets an email notification.
    2. You do not visit the thread... so the next reply does NOT get an email notification.

    The notification is "Has there been a reply since you last visited the thread?"... so if you don't visit the thread we have already sent the email for the first reply.

  • Got it thanks, apologies for what appears to have been a waste of time!

  • Black Logo?
    I couldn't spot any posts about commemorating anything, maybe I just missed it.
    Tried a couple hard refreshes.
    Could also be one of my firefox plugins although they never used to be a problem? (ublock origin, privacy badger, privacy possum, decentraleyes, facebook container)

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  • Thanks for the reply. That's very sad indeed.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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