Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Nobody needs to be attaching image files bigger than 4k resolution, they're just lazy and can't be arsed to do anything but fling camera files at your server

    That's true. But to be honest I find that much easier than finding a reliable app to shrink the size of the images from my phone camera so I can upload them.

  • For some reason the latest iPhone software update is doing something weird on lfgss. When I for example I open the “today” page it automatically opens the keyboard expecting the page number to be chosen.

    This is the only website where I have encountered this issue.

    Any idea of how to stop it happening?

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  • Do you have extensions enabled?

    If so, what ones?

    Does it happen with the extensions disabled?

  • No extensions enabled afaik

  • This is happening for me too. Safari IOS16. Does not happen in Chrome IOS16

    No extensions

    User agent

    Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 16_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/16.0 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1

  • I would truly appreciate it if you could go find the webkit bug posted on the prior page, sign up to the site... and add your information to the bug ticket.

    The problem I have in resolving it is that I'm unaffected and cannot reproduce it myself.

  • You could use some FE javascript to detect screen width, and request a resized version of each image depending on screen size; you (currently) know that no image is going to be wider than about 762px so there would be some big savings to be had.

    Probably not worth it because it would be a bit of work, and would come with inflated hosting costs, and as you say it's a pretty rare edge case. But it's a common strategy.

    Edit: Just thought of another one. Just automatically downsize every uploaded image to have a max-width of 726px. Saves on hosting and bandwidth costs. Could store the originals in Glacier in case you ever want to change layout.

  • Oh, and there's also browser-based lazy loading of images:

  • Just automatically downsize every uploaded image to have a max-width of 726px

    I think Velocio was saying that sometimes you want to zoom in. Like bike tag images or (in my own thought) classifieds to check quality etc. of sale item.

  • Being able to directly zoom an image in browser on mobile is major plus to the user experience on this website for me.

  • lazy loading of images

    Which I covered already.

    It delays loading of images until you scroll past.

    But we use fragments # to jump to comments­64/?offset=7350#comment16695421 so you get taken to the new comment.

    If I add lazy loading, the act of jumping to a comment is to scroll past all previous content... trigger the loading of all images... and move the comment you were wanting to view downwards as each prior comment loaded.

    I consciously didn't add that stuff to this forum... because the last forum software did that, and it's super frustrating.

  • If I add lazy loading, the act of jumping to a comment is to scroll past all previous content... trigger the loading of all images... and move the comment you were wanting to view downwards as each prior comment loaded.

    Are you doing something weird with JavaScript, because modern browsers are very good at maintaining viewport position while assets load around it.

    And how does lazy loading make a difference in this scenario? You're still going to jump to a comment half way down the page, and then wait for the preceding assets to load.

    Regardless, you know the dimensions of the images because you store them on your server. You can bake the dimensions into your generated HTML so there's no jank at all

  • You can bake the dimensions into your generated HTML

    I don't know the size of images.

    With additional processing I could know the size of attachments. But I can't know the size of third party hosted ones.

    The image tags all lack a height and width, the browser determines the space to allocate by loading the image.

  • I don't know the size of images.

    You know what I mean. You have the information, and you could use it if you wanted to, you're just choosing not to. Baking the dimensions into the html can be done (3rd party images notwithstanding).

    the browser determines the space to allocate by loading the image

    That's fine. You'd use a combination of max-width and aspect-ratio, so the placeholder would have the correct dimensions before the image is downloaded and rendered.

    But let's back ourselves out of this cul de sac.

    Although the above can be done, it's largely irrelevant because modern browsers are good at maintaining viewport position.

    The reason I mentioned lazy loading is because it would spread out an otherwise big memory hit, and might allow a struggling kernel a little more time to free up some memory.

    But again, that's irrelevant, because I expect the effect would actually me pretty minimal, and down-scaling uploaded images is really the only way to reduce memory and bandwidth usage.

    But that's probably irrelevant too because, as you say the problem has only been reported once in X years.

  • Hey I’ve been having this issue on my iPhone as well and found a workaround for it a minute ago.

    When you click through to a link I found if I keep my finger on the screen for a second longer and then scroll down a small amount it avoids the text box and doesn’t bring the keyboard up!

  • One simple change to image tags may fix it.
    This didn't exist when you wrote the forum code, but it's well supported now.­/Web/HTML/Element/img#attr-loading

    Depending on browser implementation this may also be clever enough not to load images you have skipped past (when jumping straight to a comment) unless you then scroll back up to those posts.

  • Image chat.

    Not that anyone was asking, but I took a quick look at the digital photography thread (because it's probably the worst-case scenario - lots of high resolution uploaded images), and what I found was this:

    About 5k images, totalling 6.6GB. Average file size 1.4MB, average dimensions: 2700x2300px

    The site displays images at a max horizontal resolution of 762px, and resizing all images to a maximum of this, brings that 6.6GB total down by 8.3x to 796MB, improves loading times of course, but also allows stripping sensitive GPS information.

    Largest image by dimension was 10824x6834px, largest image by filesize was 29MB

  • At that point you might as well ban images all together.

    You know you can open images in a new tab to view the full resolution, right?

  • I understand what you're saying, but there are better ways of achieving what you want than embedding 6.6GB of images in a thread, (some of which are up to 10k pixels wide), just in case someone decides they want to open an image in a new tab.

    For context, Google photos, flickr, 500px, Facebook, imgur; none of them offer unlimited original size image hosting for free.*

    * maximum rep to boss man and all lufguss donors

  • FYI I’m getting the same focus bug in Safari on iPadOS 16.1.

  • I also get this on my iPhone now I’ve updated to iOS 16.1

  • Turning on and off extensions doesn’t seem to make a difference. Happens either way.

  • Did anyone on iOS engage with the bug that was opened? Anyone help work through it with the team who work on Safari who can fix it?

  • I haven’t, it only started happening to me when I upgraded a couple of days ago.

    I’ve had a quick look at the bug report but I’m not sure I’d be much help, I’m not technical.

    I did do a quick screen capture video if that’s any help?

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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