Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Are you busy rewriting microweb in Go? Is that why the repo was taken private?

  • Yup.

    And I've booked a couple of weeks off work to push it along some more.

    But in the meantime... the codebases had diverged enough that I couldn't support the old whilst writing the new. Additionally the old is provably non-deployable now (dependencies are so out of date that the vendored versions I have are all that I have).

    So as the old is effectively dead and unsupportable, I now just have to make time to complete the new.

  • What I have so far in Go is a working read-only view of most of the site, with a secure cookie, secure CSRF token, pagination, etc. With caching on the API calls, and the full web framework in Go built (the hard work).

    Remaining to be done are to handle the write paths of the common things, and then the write paths of the complex things (RBAC/permissions).

    That's probably still a month of work, but I never find the time as I'm exhausted from day job and need weekends to recover. So now I'm opting for PTO to get it done.

  • I still do some maintenance though... i.e. the API is actively maintained and we're already on Go 1.19 and I've been fixed minor bugs.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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