Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Just discovered this thread, Follow button isn’t shown in mobile Safari so won’t be able to follow though…

  • Is it expected behaviour that posts take longer to show if you're not signed in?

    These are both refreshed at the same time

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  • Usually (in other forum software, including custom ones I've developed so far) since non-signed-in data is the same across all viewers (no one is ignored, no other user-specific settings etc) it's better cachable, and so it probably is.

  • Yes.

    Guests see a cached view. It caches for no more than 5 minutes. Which is enough to save the server a lot of work and it keeps the server fast for those who are signed in.

  • Gochu - thanks for the explanation

  • Did you sort this out in the end?

    I've tried on mobile and using a couple of different browsers on a laptop, no joy.

  • Did you sort this out in the end?

    Nope, just tried again, still nothing. The avatar displayed on this edit page is 64 pixel square .png 16KB, can't see what there is about that which would cause a failure

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  • Ah, it's a Firefox thing. Just changed avatar by logging in on Chrome/Windows

  • Not going to be using Chrome though, the renderer seems to apply blur to my avatar

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  • Further experiment: drag and drop on Firefox works. This was the case for general attachments before the attachment code was fixed fairly recently, so it looks like the avatar upload code on the profile edit form needs the same fix

  • Sometimes it seems like posts have embedded images but I can't see them, is it a facebook thing maybe?


  • First one doesn't have an embedded image.

    Second one does, and I can see it. Windows with Firefox.

  • I'm Win/FF too but can't see it in Edge or Chromium either... thought it might be a conflict with one of my addons, but guess not. To be clear - I can see the image in your reply but not in Dammit's post (I'm assuming there is one from the other replies)

  • I can see the image in your reply but not in Dammit's post (I'm assuming there is one from the other replies)

    I don't think so, it's just a text reply.

  • it seems like posts have embedded images but I can't see them

    The tracking blocker in FF kills a lot of embedded images, because they are hosted on domains whose entire raison d'etre is harvesting user data for onward sale to advertising companies.

  • Noticed this for a while now, and thought I would mention it...

    On Cities and Places the links to the last post (and how long ago it was posted) often drop in and out at random. Don't see this anywhere else on LFGSS.

    No biggie... just wondered about it.


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  • That was the case for me for a while, seemed fine when I turned off my content/ tracking blocker

  • Noticed a weird image rendering issue:

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  • Github helps me not forget things.

    This bug (which MUST be trivial to fix) still here 8 years later....

  • What button alignment?

  • On mobile, chrome in my case.

    When viewing the following page of conversations, the other buttons at the bottom of the page have no horizontal buffet margins, unlike the pager buttons at the top of the page or both sets (too and bottom) when viewing a list of comments in a conversation or the the"today" view...

    See the two attached images...

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    • Screenshot_20220731-154428.png
    • Screenshot_20220731-154407.png
  • Well, it looks like­ is no longer public, so I can't send a PR - but here's a patch if @Velocio is interested:

    diff --git a/core/templates/updates.html b/core/templates/updates.html
    index e53f965..1bf0f1a 100644
    --- a/core/templates/updates.html
    +++ b/core/templates/updates.html
    @@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
     </div><!-- /content-body -->
    -<div class="content-footer">
    +<div class="content-footer padded">
     	<div class="row">
     		<div class="col-sm-6"></div>
     		<div class="col-sm-6">{% include 'pagination.html' %}</div>
  • Inshallah

  • Manually applied.

    As I've now learned that I can no longer deploy this version of Django :)

    I guess I best use some of my vacation days to work on this site again.

  • Holy shit!

    Oh happy days!

    Thank you so much @cyclotron3k and @Velocio!

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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