Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • fucking lol

  • What's stopping me changing my avatar? Tried .png and .jpg, they upload in the edit page with no error message but nothing changes after I hit save changes. Win10/FF97

  • Probably happened half a year ago, but I like the new structure for links etc.

  • @Velocio, what do you think of the idea below, to give more formatting freedom?

  • ![](­mages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5KFp32eeHRij-q9-3DQIm­RqY6Z5fCNNM9ELe6LRcxyqnSRGmP&s) | ![](­mages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5KFp32eeHRij-q9-3DQIm­RqY6Z5fCNNM9ELe6LRcxyqnSRGmP&s)
    --- | ---
    ![](­mages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5KFp32eeHRij-q9-3DQIm­RqY6Z5fCNNM9ELe6LRcxyqnSRGmP&s) | ![](­mages?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5KFp32eeHRij-q9-3DQIm­RqY6Z5fCNNM9ELe6LRcxyqnSRGmP&s)
  • Fancy!

  • Doesn't translate to different device widths

  • How do you mean? The idea is that the two pictures are scaled to the available width, just like a single picture.

    @jonuxuk: Cool, will give it a try. Though I'd argue my idea is more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Is it intentional to not show attached image/s in initial comment chains/replies?


  • It was when I designed it.

    Because the focus is the message itself, and putting the parent comment in pushes the message down the page. Adding the attachments pushes it even further down the page. Thus the message itself is no longer the focus of the page.

    But now you've showed it like that it looks ridiculous, maybe I should add the thumbnails at least... but then, the thumbnails aren't really thumbnails, they're the full size image just bounded to a smaller box... so adding the smaller images can easily add 10s of MB to a lightweight page.

  • Not sure if this is a bug or a "feature", because I can see how the logic might work.

    If somebody on your ignore list comments in a thread, the thread drops off your following/updates page until somebody not in the ignore list comments. Then it reappears - until such time as that person you don't care to read comments again.

    There are some threads I follow that have very frequent updates and yet were regularly disappearing from my updates page. Only today did I bother going to look for possible causes. Realised a possible explanation, tried ignoring some people who had just commented on threads I follow - threads disappeared. Unignored them, threads came back.

    Doesn't affect the Today page, so I guess it's a bug.

  • That is a good bug... that I have no idea how to fix.

    I don't know how to fix it as the query removes ignored things, but doesn't rewind to see if something earlier should be visible. It would probably crater the server to do that, especially on this site where some of the threads are hundreds of pages (if you ignore enough people the rewind can be significant).

    I'll try and see how impactful it is to calculate the last unignored thing... but this isn't cacheable as everyone's ignore list is different.

  • In other news... I just fixed a bug that meant that if you were @mentioned in a thread that you had no permission to see, you won't now receive a notification. This didn't affect LFGSS in that scenario as we don't have much in the way of private forums... but it did affect Islington CC which is made of private forums.

  • I don't know how to fix it as the query removes ignored things, but doesn't rewind to see if something earlier should be visible. It would probably crater the server to do that

    I was fairly sure that would be the case. It would be different if Microcosm were an instant messaging thing, because the load of receiving messages and deciding which to ignore is shifted to the client.

    Simply not removing ignored people from this particular query wouldn't be entirely terrible - it wouldn't make people read content they didn't want to - but it would be showing people updates they don't need to see (e.g. someone they don't care about resurrecting an old thread) at least as often as letting them see activity they don't want to miss. So I'm not suggesting that.

    If forum posts were events and the query was something like "select top 1 ... from (subquery selecting events created by people not on my ignore list, ordered by forum id) ..." maybe that wouldn't be terrible performance, but I don't know how different that would be from microcosm's actual data model (since I haven't even looked at mirocosm's data model).

  • Doesn't affect the Today page, so I guess it's a bug.

    It should affect the Today page.

    The /today/ page is actually just a search:­ype=conversation&type=event&type=profile­&type=huddle

    And searches filter out ignored stuff.

    Are you sure it doesn't affect the Today page if you are signed in?

  • I go to the Today page, ignore some people who are currently shown as most recently updating threads, go back to the page, their posts are still there. I've tried hard refreshes on the page and it changes nothing - some times a new person has posted in a different thread but what was the old top-of-the-page (and is now 2nd or 3rd on the page) is still there. So it's not client-side cacheing. Is it server-side cacheing, perhaps?

    Aha. If I follow that link you just posted and ignore the first person there, suddenly that thread disappears when I refresh the page. So that suggests the Today page isn't actually applying quite the query you think it is.

  • I might have added some explicit stripping of permissions to make the Today page be consistent for everyone.

    Things like this... I've forgotten how they work.

  • On my following page, I have started seeing threads where a recently ignored user is showing as the most recent poster.

    Did itsbruce break the forum?

  • I haven't changed anything, so however it is working is how it has worked for a long time.

  • The thread has dropped off now, but that could be because another ignored user has posted in it.

    I'm guessing some sort of replication / caching thing then.

  • If you go to People it is sorted by number of posts, but then if you put in a page number to go to, it sorts the results alphabetically

    Just an observation really.

  • I'm nearly on the first page. Must try harder

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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