Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Preview is an approximation of what actually happens.

    I.e. preview doesn't show embedding of YouTube, doesn't show bbcode.

    It's good enough to be mostly useful

  • Probably not directly a forum thing, but I get intermittent cloudflare DNS lookup errors browsing and posting through one of my proxies.

  • Which I didn't screenshot or copy, and now is working fine...

  • If you provide me with the Ray-ID that should be visible I can look into it.

    It shouldn't happen... but then perhaps the proxies are allocating you IP addresses that have previously been used for spam, etc by other people and so those IP addresses temporarily have a poor reputation with Cloudflare and thus they get blocked and you see an error screen for the block.

    Or perhaps something broke. Hard to say :shrug

    But if you have the Ray-ID I can at least try and check (within 24 hours of it happening).

  • Like an idiot, I didn't note the Ray-ID down before swapping proxy & reloading.

    It's not the first time that it's happened on that IP either, and not just on LFGSS ( consistently has a problem with it).

    As for spam, it's my own VPS, which I've had for many years - Nobody else has been on it. It's not part of any blacklists, as far as I know.

  • Nobody else has been on it

    that you know of


  • Hey @Velocio, don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but a post in the clouds thread, when viewed on my mobile phone, has an upside down photo attached

    Yet the same post via desktop is fine

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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