Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Firefox 83.0 on Ubuntu 20.04
    Uploading files doesn't work. After selecting the image, nothing happens. The Console says "Empty string passed to getElementById()"
    Is this a clientside i.e. my problem, or something with the page?

  • The JavaScript on this site is 8 years old... browsers have moved on and the site has not.

    I should fix it, but I don't yet know how and it's remained a very low priority for me for a long time.

  • Understandable.
    Is there a workaround? Some forumengers seem to be able to upload fine.

  • Upload a single file, post it, edit it, add another file.

    This seems to be the workaround.

  • Since the error is triggered when the file window is opened, I can't even upload a single file. Maybe it's an ubuntu thing. I'll try from another device.

    Edit: It seems to be an ubuntu thing. Workaround works with Android/Chrome

  • I'm on Mint, which is on an Ubuntu base, and I don't get that error message. Uploading doesn't work perfectly, not as well as when Microcosm first started, when it was extremely smooth, but with a few tries it's fine. It's still miles better than the total pain in the arse that uploading to vBulletin was. :)

  • Interesting. Maybe a firefox issue then? Working with ubuntu is a new adventure every day...

    Don't get me wrong though, I do not wish the goode olde times of vBulletin back and I'm very grateful for the work @Velocio put into this.

    Also: It's been 8 years of microcosm already? Time flies...

  • I'm on Firefox 83, too, but since Linux has so many constantly-updated components, it could be all sorts of things that cause it. When I have issues, they often disappear with the next upgrade.

  • I use Chromium on Ubuntu 20.04, which works fine. But I just tested Firefox 83.0, and I got the same issue @Murphy's_Law reported

  • I get a lot of server not responding error pages lately. Like, every 5 to 10 times I try to open a page on LFGSS.
    The page does load on a refresh though.
    This may be happening since I upgraded to the latest version of Safari (on latest Catalina).
    Does anybody else have this issue?

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  • On (desktop) Firefox I find that you need to select the image(s) twice before posting and that works fine.

  • For some reason the images in one of my build threads aren't loading any more. They definitely used to, and if I use the right-click/open-in-new-tab option they load fine. Any clues why they're not loading?

  • The image URI, i.e.­fb2020pic2.jpg is plain text http... this site is https. Your browser won't load http URIs on https pages any more.

    It works when you visit the image directly, because the browser is fine explicitly visiting http items, just not implicitly when on a https page.

  • I don't know if I'm looking at the images you mean, but I tried the thread and loads (e.g., in the first couple of posts) loaded just fine for me.

  • I tried the thread and loads (e.g., in the first couple of posts) loaded just fine for me.

    Then your browser is configured to display unencrypted embedded content. That's an option 🙂

  • Did the email notifications break when google shat itself the other day or is it me?

  • is it me?

    It's you. I've been getting my usual supply of email notifications.

  • Quite possibly, but I'm just using standard Firefox. If that's the default setting, I'd be the last to notice or have any impetus to change it.

  • Did the email notifications break when google shat itself the other day or is it me?

    I don't know--did you shit yourself?

  • Almost certainly. I'm sure you've seen my diet.

  • Must be a Chrome thing then. It's a tad annoying, as that subdimain doesn't seem to do https, and while I have one that does it would mean editing every single link by hand. I'll put it on the Things To Do list, but it's a long list and it won't be near the top.

  • Found a bug... this site doesn't render properly in Netscape Navigator 9.0 . I think the CSS media queries confuse it, and the SVG assets.

  • I shouldn't spend too much time trying to fix that 😂

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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