Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • I need to revert the date for an event to TBD. Seems the forum is happy for me to change the date from TBD to a defined date, or from one defined date to another, but not to set it back to TBD.

  • Ah, that is a bug.

    I'll fix it manually in the database later.

  • Done... fixed manually.

  • Cheers, boss.

  • Not sure if this is known, but: I was following one of the zwift threads as I'd posted on it. I clicked "today's posts" just now and saw another zwift thread. Clicked, saw my posts. It had been merged. Nbd, but thought the follow would be carried/grandfathered. In any case, hit follow, read thread, go on my way. Now I notice that the new thread, despite saying I follow it, isn't turning up in my "following" list.

    Guessing if there is a bug (and not me missing something), it's probably in the "already following a followed thread" area.

    Screenshots to show where it would be on my following page, where it is on the today page, and that it is being followed.

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  • You're just off the back, that's all. :)

  • It's there now. Not sure if you did anything, but either way, thanks for the work.

  • I did nothing... but I love when things work :D

  • Robust!

    Not sure if you care, but the only difference on my end is someone had posted in the thread. So perhaps that did something.

    Also, and again, not sure if you care, maybe worth grandfathering a thread which is followed when it's merged? Just a suggestion.

  • Ah.. then that is it.

    There's a few things in the system that cache last known values... and I let time and activity correct it.

    Things like "number of unread PMs" for example.

    And indeed... "follows" and "watching" are subject to that too.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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