Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • I need to revert the date for an event to TBD. Seems the forum is happy for me to change the date from TBD to a defined date, or from one defined date to another, but not to set it back to TBD.

  • Ah, that is a bug.

    I'll fix it manually in the database later.

  • Done... fixed manually.

  • Cheers, boss.

  • Not sure if this is known, but: I was following one of the zwift threads as I'd posted on it. I clicked "today's posts" just now and saw another zwift thread. Clicked, saw my posts. It had been merged. Nbd, but thought the follow would be carried/grandfathered. In any case, hit follow, read thread, go on my way. Now I notice that the new thread, despite saying I follow it, isn't turning up in my "following" list.

    Guessing if there is a bug (and not me missing something), it's probably in the "already following a followed thread" area.

    Screenshots to show where it would be on my following page, where it is on the today page, and that it is being followed.

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    • Screenshot_20200428_233548_com.opera.browser.jpg
  • You're just off the back, that's all. :)

  • It's there now. Not sure if you did anything, but either way, thanks for the work.

  • I did nothing... but I love when things work :D

  • Robust!

    Not sure if you care, but the only difference on my end is someone had posted in the thread. So perhaps that did something.

    Also, and again, not sure if you care, maybe worth grandfathering a thread which is followed when it's merged? Just a suggestion.

  • Ah.. then that is it.

    There's a few things in the system that cache last known values... and I let time and activity correct it.

    Things like "number of unread PMs" for example.

    And indeed... "follows" and "watching" are subject to that too.

  • Just noticed didn't have the "connection is secured" padlock next to the URL, whereas or this thread did. Something up?

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  • Fine for me...

    Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102

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    • Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 10.55.30.png
  • Same version here. I tried getting off the work bbvpn, to no extent.

  • Likely an image in your updates field is delivered from an external http (not https) site.

  • I thought following no longer pulled through images? Doesn't on my page...

  • Nice catch, there's one indeed. And the thread in which it appears also doesn't have the padlock so that checks out. Thanks!

    @Soul it's in a reply to one of my posts. I think posts where you're mentioned are also expanded.

  • Think this was mentioned a few years ago but when opening a thread, for me it's on mobile (Safari), the page doesn't load on the latest unread post like it should if there are a lot of images.
    Opening something like Hulsroy's project thread which is picture heavy sends me right up the page and takes loads of scrolling.

  • Just noticed I cannot upload pictures on Firefox 81 on Ubuntu.

  • Have you tried, tried again? It usually doesn't work on the first attempt, but repeated iterations generally get it done (Firefox 82 here on Ubuntu-based Mint).

  • A suggestion for classified ad attachment images.... no idea if this is feasible...
    I found the recent suspicious brompton on a month old ebay listing... which found it out ...

    If a post is made in the classifieds section with a few pictures uploaded or just linked to. Could one of the pictures be reverse image searched in the background?
    Perhaps auto rejection might be too strong, when someone uploads a stock photo for good reason,
    and give a crim warning to get smarter!

    But perhaps this could have a flag on the thread title that only mods could see, so that if suspicions are raised for any other reason... might expedite identifying what the issue is.

  • #backinblack? (The logo)

  • Fatality reported in the Rider Down forum.

  • Sad.

    Was enjoying the pink giro celebration logo.
    Do you think we can keep it forever, like world champion stripes. Or until the next giro if forever is too long?

  • Damn. Thanks for the reply tho.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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