Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Is it just me or is this forum slow as shit right now?

    It's not you.

    The SQL server is grinding at the moment and I'm not sure why.

  • Lots of DELETE queries were stuck... somewhere an index is needed

  • Google fetched 358k pages in a single day on Friday, and I think this has destroyed the page caches and query analyzers in the database.

  • Hmm... actually found it... this query:

    WITH keep AS (
    SELECT MAX(u.update_id) update_id
      FROM updates u
     WHERE u.update_type_id IN (1,4)
     GROUP BY u.for_profile_id
    ), lose AS (
        SELECT update_id
          FROM updates
         WHERE update_type_id IN (1,4)
           AND for_profile_id != 0
           AND parent_item_type_id != 0
           AND parent_item_id != 0
           AND update_id NOT IN (SELECT update_id FROM keep)
    DELETE FROM updates
     WHERE update_id IN (SELECT * FROM lose);

    Was scheduled to run every 10 minutes.

    The updates table has got to 8.4m rows... the query took longer than 10 minutes.

    Then the next one would lock, and it would start a degrading cycle where every 10 minutes a query would lock and queue and consume memory and a connection in the meantime.

    Earlier is was using 128GB of RAM. Ooops.

    Changed the cron to once per day, and pruned rows older than 1 year as the stats say no-one looks at them (or if they do, so few people that they are not visible in the samples I keep for metrics).

  • and pruned rows older than 1 year

    Interested in what this means... rows of what?

  • rows of what?

    Rows of any kind. All dust-ups, brouhahas, contretemps and argie-bargies more than a year old are considered closed.

  • Interested in what this means... rows of what?

    If you look at the "Following" page... it now only goes back 1 year.

  • I was saving those!



  • I came here earlier and the banner at the top was white with a blue LFGSS, now it's back to the usual black banner.
    (On Chrome, on Android)

    Was this just a glitch in the matrix or did I dream it?

  • Glitch that it is black. That seems like some weird caching thing on behalf of Chrome.

  • Good to know.
    Merry Christmas

  • I can't access the page today. I'm logged in, and the rest of the website seems to work fine, but the updates page says:

    Server Error
    We're sorry, there was a temporary error when we tried to process your request.
    The error has been logged. Please try again later.

    Also, on that page only, I appear to not be logged in. I've tried deleting cookies and logging in again, but no luck.

  • ^ I'm having the same problem as well this morning. Using FF 72.02.2.

  • Seems to be fixed now

  • Now trying at home rather than work and still not working for me. Cleared the cache, cookies, history etc.

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    causes me to log out 75 & 125 doesnt

  • Flowing seems to have come back now. Phew!

  • Each comment has a link in the top right. When you follow it, you go to a page which says "You are viewing a single comment by username and its replies". But if the comment was itself replying to an earlier comment, I get the whole thread, not just the thread starting from the comment I chose. Is this desired behaviour or a bug? If it is desired behaviour, the text at the start of the created page is misleading.

  • It is the desired behaviour.

    The page shows:

    • If the comment was a reply, what was it in reply to
    • The comment in a white shaded box
    • If there are replies to the comment, the first level of replies
  • I'm trying to update­33 to signify that some items (shifters and calipers) are now sold. Seems that I can't edit the content in the thread or make new posts - is this deliberate or an error?

  • It was closed, it's now open... try now.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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