Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Oh, and allow popups from LFGSS

  • Thanks! This is how I imagined my Python script working, but I need to read up on DOM some more.

  • You're welcome!
    Gotta do something useful while at work :)

  • Multiple reports of users not being able to upload pictures:­­

  • Is there a feature that replicates the old forum "who posted" function - i.e. that shows who posted in a thread?

  • Picture uploading almost never works for me. I normally put stuff on Google Photos and link to it instead.

  • Something like this, but with the thread specified too:­%3Acomment+authorId%3A1234

  • Still think all the Classified threads should be prefixed with FS, Wanted, etc so it was clear which way the transaction was going. Annoying to dive into a thread after searching for a part you're looking for only to find out it's a Wanted ad.

  • Ta - I've got that far, but short of writing a script that does that for all user IDs, I'm not sure what else I could do

  • If it's a particular thread can't you just click into it from the results? Or do you want ALL posts from a user in that thread? Or you just want a list of all contributors to a thread?

  • a list of all contributors to a thread


  • I was feeling inspired by @michaelcox and had a crack at a bit of javascript. No idea if it will be of any use to you but if you feel inclined, you can just drop this into your browser's console and get a list of commentors. Not sure how bossman feels about automated scanning like this though.

    const perPage = 100;
    const conversationId = 145573;
    let maxOffset = 0;
    const allCommenters = async (offset = 0) => fetch(`­onversations/${conversationId}?limit=${p­erPage}&offset=${offset}`)
    .then(res => res.json())
    .then(out => {
        console.log(`Getting page ${offset}`);
        maxOffset =;
        var commenters = new Set(out
            .map(i => i.meta.createdBy.profileName)
        if (offset < maxOffset)
            return allCommenters(offset + perPage).then(x => new Set([...commenters, ...x]));
            return commenters;
    .catch(err => { throw err });
    allCommenters().then(list => console.log(list));
  • Hi there,

    For some reason I'm no longer able to update my post in my classifieds thread. It tells me that I'm blocked from lfgss, and to contact the site owner.

    I get the message - 'Cloudflare Ray ID: 530d4db8ec0fe69c' followed by IP etc

    It would be great if this could be looked in to please?

    Many thanks!

  • hey I just put a new conversation up in Rides and tried to use a little code to create an ordered list but somehow borked the page, and now I can't even click the edit button to remove the code. Anyone / @Velocio help me somehow to remove the code / edit the post to fix it?­62/#comment14994613

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  • Click on the #1--if you haven't borked that, too, it should bring up the 'edit' field?

    Maybe you've already tried that.

  • I am getting a js:blank when I try and click edit on #1 post - I have truly borked the page and need a dev's help. Argh!

  • Yeah it's bad isn't it! Annoying as instead of the normal drivel I normally post I'm trying to say something useful and it's now totally illegible.

  • Good stuff... no idea what you did.

    I've deleted the first comment.

  • Thank you! I tried to use some rogue HTML to format a list and somehow borked it. Cheers again!!

  • Is it just me or is this forum slow as shit right now?

  • Hmm could be me. Speedtest looks shithouse. 10ms ping and 10mb/s. I don't fucking think so.

  • Yes it seems a bit sluggish to respond.

  • say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­t?

  • it's super slow and I've also had a couple of errors returned.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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