Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Why are half the avatars not loading for me? Using NordVPN. Last week or so lots ending up like this

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  • All pages come from
    All attachments come from
    Avatars come from either or

    I'm going to guess that NordVPN blocks Gravatar. Maybe for privacy reasons?

  • are the Gravatar ones the geometric stock images? Not sure but I think it might be just those

  • Yup. The strange patterns are those

  • It’s not Nord, I’ve been on Nord for months (don’t trust work Wi-fi) and I have no issue with avatars.

  • Have you got some kind of adblocker, noscript, etc running?

    Pretty sure noscript at least blocked them.

  • I had Blockada previously, that was fine. Was using NordVPN's CyberSec thing (which is actually not terribly consistent). Gravatars not loading with or without that enabled.

    Must be something to do with Nord because they load fine with it turned off. It also seems to be causing issues with Instagram now as well. But it's fine on the desktop.

    Bit of a shame as it wasn't cheap and up until now was working pretty well. Will have to get onto them about it.

  • It’s definitely CyberSec.

    I just turned it on and opened this thread in incognito mode, aggi has a broken avatar. It still works in normal mode so I’m probably caching the avatar

  • Edit, gravatar now gone in normal mode.

  • But with CyberSec off, gravatar is back.


  • Aggressive cross domain blocking?

  • Individually I know those words but together they are about as cohesive as a cat symphony orchestra playing avant garde jazz.

  • The webpage come from the domain. the gravatars come from another domain probably or similar.

    I was positing that the NordVPN Cybersec component is blocking this kind of "cross domain" shenanigans. (Aggressively, since it is blocking things that other things don't.)

  • cat symphony orchestra playing avant garde jazz.

    Audiophile thread >>>>>>>

  • Still think all the classifieds should be prefixed with For Sale: Wanted: etc. so they're not confused with builds or questions in the Recent or Following forum views.

    As much as I love doing it manually...

  • Posted link to spam into Moderators thread,
    as per below advice.

  • It's definitely spam and it should be posted in the Moderators thread.

  • Hi @Velocio , over on the brixton forum, I'm trying to change the date of an old event to 'TBD', but it keeps changing back. can you help?

  • Am i doing something wrong or is linking to youtube playlists bugged? eg:


  • I've been getting "Not found" on Android Firefox all day when I try to go to

  • Now getting it on Firefox/Win10 too

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  • If you did something, it worked. If you didn't, the problem fixed itself this morning.

  • I didn't do anything :shrug

    And I use Firefox on Android and didn't see this happen, but also didn't see this thread until I did Mark All Read yesterday and just got the update that you'd replied.

  • Just got a 'bad gateway' message before reaching the homepage. refreshed after about 10 seconds. When I got to the Forum it turned out to be full of blokes taking about bicycles :/

  • When I got to the Forum it turned out to be full of blokes taking about bicycles

    That's a feature, not a bug

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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