Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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  • Yes... if I add that change, it will overwrite the title attribute so that it is trusted.

  • Just a suggestion - have you tried simply repeating the navbar class just above the footer? Would resolve people's desires for a quicklink back to following/forums at the bottom of the page.

  • There used to be a tooltip showing the original URL, not sure where it's gone.

  • BTW... to the celebration of all... if the queue of user changes has calmed down... I'm doing to make a typographic test suite and then much with the styles to look at reducing the font by a step

    To go against the grain of all the 'I hate change' posts, I really like the new fonts, especially when viewing on a bigger screen, its nice to finally have actual readable line lengths rather than the several hundred characters per line on the old forum. I say make them wait a month, and by then they'll all have forgotten and be bitching about something else...

  • The logo is all squished on my phone, it also seems to have gained an outline.

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  • I thought the logo looked different on my PC, (not squished but the outline)

  • I added an outline.

    I'm going to tweak the logo and backgrounds until we have something that looks great.

  • I notice that, have to be honest I quite like it without the outline before, but then again, it never have an outline previously and probably is something to get used to.

    loved the type on the desktop version.

  • One does not simply add an outline.

  • It's SVG. You just add the stroke options:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "­svg11.dtd">
        viewBox="0 0 696 258" 
        preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet">
        <path fill="#8AD2E6" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="butt" d="M0.787,53.825h41.669v113.838h72.814v3­6.511H0.787V53.825z"/>
        <path fill="#8AD2E6" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="butt" d="M133.105,53.825h120.275v36.514h-78.61­v25.56h71.093v34.582h-71.093v53.694h-41.­665V53.825z"/>
        <path fill="#8AD2E6" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="butt" d="M267.134,129.429v-0.427c0-43.816,34.3­64-78.182,80.974-78.182c26.421,0,45.107,­8.161,61,21.908l-24.486,29.423c-10.74-9.­019-21.479-14.172-36.294-14.172c-21.695,­-38.452,18.254-38.452,41.239v0.425c0,24.­273,16.966,41.672,40.804,41.672c10.103,0­,17.836-2.146,24.063-6.231v-18.257h-29.6­43v-30.5h69.159v67.659c-15.893,13.104-38­.016,23.197-65.291,23.197C302.147,207.18­2,267.134,174.964,267.134,129.429z"/>
        <path fill="#8AD2E6" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="butt" d="M426.087,181.837l23.195-27.709c14.822­,11.816,31.361,18.041,48.755,18.041c11.1­71,0,17.186-3.866,17.186-10.306v-0.437c0­-6.225-4.94-9.665-25.347-14.387c-32.006-­7.302-56.702-16.321-56.702-47.25v-0.43c0­-27.922,22.123-48.113,58.2-48.113c25.564­,0,45.542,6.875,61.858,19.973l-20.829,29­.429c-13.747-9.668-28.778-14.818-42.096-­14.818c-10.097,0-15.037,4.294-15.037,9.6­63v0.43c0,6.869,5.155,9.881,25.992,14.60­6c34.579,7.516,56.057,18.687,56.057,46.8­19v0.427c0,30.715-24.271,48.969-60.784,4­8.969C469.901,206.744,444.557,198.372,42­6.087,181.837z"/>
        <path fill="#8AD2E6" stroke="#000000" stroke-width="2" stroke-linecap="butt" d="M563.984,181.837l23.191-27.709c14.824­,11.816,31.362,18.041,48.755,18.041c11.1­74,0,17.188-3.866,17.188-10.306v-0.437c0­-6.225-4.942-9.665-25.344-14.387c-32.005­-7.302-56.705-16.321-56.705-47.25v-0.43c­0-27.922,22.123-48.113,58.205-48.113c25.­559,0,45.535,6.875,61.859,19.973l-20.839­,29.429c-13.74-9.668-28.773-14.818-42.09­7-14.818c-10.091,0-15.035,4.294-15.035,9­.663v0.43c0,6.869,5.159,9.881,25.995,14.­606c34.579,7.516,56.055,18.687,56.055,46­.819v0.427c0,30.715-24.27,48.969-60.785,­48.969C607.798,206.744,582.453,198.372,5­63.984,181.837z"/>

    A joy to work with when the SVG is good. You can basically see the shapes of each letter in the code. The two S's at the end are obvious too.

  • Edit... Ignore that, email alerts are working fine (just my mail delivery being slow)

  • Does SVG not support reusable shapes?

    (I know PDF does but most PDF generators don't know enough about the original document in order to recognise repeated icons and shapes)

  • SSL now works.

  • Does SVG not support reusable shapes?

    Possibly. But you know... when authoring this stuff, I'm generally chuffed to find most browsers are displaying it. I avoid anything that might be advanced because if there are compatibility issues anywhere, it's there.

  • Clicking on links such as #ftfy seems to consistently log me out. Normal browsing doesn't have this problem.

    Firefox, persona, signed in for a month. I don't have to give my password to log back in, but my session keeps on being dropped by certain kinds of forum links.

  • Yep, same here, I've been logged out half a dozen times in the last half hour

  • I added an outline.

    I know this is an enclave for graphic designers but stop pissing about with logos and fonts and shit and get some New Post links at the bottom, Ignore and Merge.

  • Is it possible I can change a setting to display the site in a more basic way on IE8?
    IE8 doesn't seem to do anything when pressing buttons or replies, or show the right hand side bar.

  • Agree with @Hippy. The cosmetic stuff should be of secondary importance. (As an older geezer I find the font size and white background is much easier to read without my reading specs),
    New/subscribed posts at the bottom will reduce lots of scrolling
    As has been said and said and said. Has @velocio addressed this one somewhere. Not seen it

  • I've received a private message, and got an email confirmation of it, however the email show the private message.

    Previously I recall you removed that feature so it'll only said that you got a private message from because of security risk.

    Is there's no longer a risk of receiving a full message via email from Microsom?

  • We discovered we were mistaken... email had not been intercepted. But I never got around to restoring that functionality in vBulletin.

  • @Velocio gotcha, didn't realised it have been resolved.

  • I don't seem to be receiving email notifications of PM's - do I need to switch that on? Quite nice that you don't get that annoying pop up dialog box in the new site..

    Also - does anyone else get internal server error when they use the search function?

  • Seems to work for me.

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  • Also, I cannot state enough how much better this site is on mobile. Pretty much full functionality at reduced screen size is a tough challenge on a site like this. Shows the best kind of UX and reflects a well thought out design process, well done all.

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Subtle changes, bugs and feedback

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