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  • I like them so much I've just gone and bought some XS Carbon ones for the road bike. I just know someone is going to whinge about float... but they're just such damn fine pedals I couldn't help it.

    Aside from the BMX that is now every bike of mine with the same pedals... one shoes now fit all, that happiness is mine.

  • I'm waiting for CRC to get some in stock so I can see what all the fuss is about.

  • i keep meaning to get some cleats for mine......

  • I got mine yesterday, went out for a proper ride this morning - absolutely love them, although my first clipless so I don't have anything to compare them to. I swear they make me go faster, but it could be all in my head... I have been riding a fscking Brompton for the last 4 or 5 months, though. Wish I bought them ages ago rather than mess about with powergrips.

    @nicholas - just get them from wiggle only a couple of extra nuggets!

  • no, i meant had the pedals for ages, still using my spuds.

  • yeah, yeah, ok :p

  • whinge about float? too much or not enough?

    did my first long(ish) ride on my eggbeaters yesterday and I started getting a bit of pain in the back of my right knee after around 50 miles. I could possibly adjust the cleat position and continue trying to ride them in, but if atacs are as good as everyone says perhaps I should have a try.

    plus, the logo reminds me a bit of the transformers hologram.

  • no, erm to scott not smithchild

  • so have I made a sale or what?

  • I like the cheap XE Atacs, cos the springs are steel rather than aluminium, so might be less prone to warping under climbing/sprinting stresses. Maybe. Dunno. Cheap though.

    All ATACs and one pair of shoes for me too :)

  • smithchild whinge about float? too much or not enough?

    Too much float isn't good for a roadie.

  • I love mine, be it road, cx or mountain bike.

    I have the old carbon type which i picked up for free in both cases.


  • velocity boy [quote]smithchild whinge about float? too much or not enough?

    Too much float isn't good for a roadie.[/quote]

    Or for a till in a high risk establishment.

  • velocity boy [quote]smithchild whinge about float? too much or not enough?

    Too much float isn't good for a roadie.[/quote]
    ATACs are the only clipless pedals I've used precisely cuz they have more float than Shimanos, nice pedals and kind to your knees...
    Gone back to clips and straps now, my knees likey even more so...

  • ive got some xs cabons and ive run eggbeaters and spd's before id never go back the
    times are far by the best

  • attac xs on the ss mtb
    z-freerides on the bouncy mtb
    alliums on the condor

    got 5 different pairs of shoes so it made sense to have the same pedals but i prefer time to shimano so it was not a problem having to buy time.

    there is a new attac pedal out with a smaller body which i'll replace the alliums/attacs with when they eventually wear out.

  • I have had a pair of Attac XS for about 4 years now. Replaced the cleats for the first time a couple of months ago. Admittly they were starting to resemble rounded lumps of metal....maybe giving a bit more float than was really neccessary but they still worked. The body seems pretty robust as well, never needed to replace any part or even service them.

    Strangley i was thinking of changing to eggbeaters on my new Mercian but I think I have just talked myself out of it.....Anyone reccomend eggbeaters?

  • i've never used them, but considered them, and most people said that the platform was too small and that the bearings wore out too quick.

  • eeehhhh
    @nicholas - just get them from wiggle only a couple of extra nuggets!

    I would but I already ordered them with a bunch of other stuff!

  • d.mac - eggbeaters are great in some respects. piss easy to clip in, secure when you're clipped in and they look ace. The basic cro-mo ones soon begin to look knackered (chrome flakes off, rust) so it's defo worth spending a bit more for stainless which are also meant to be stronger. The cleats they give you when you buy the pedals may as well be made from tin foil, upgrade to brass straight away.

  • atac's are good. I need lots of float for my right knee as it goes all mary poppins on the downstroke. Also easier to stay clipped in when pushing hard.

  • I love Atacs. Just got new pair of Aliums because the cleats were too expensive. So I bought a brand new set and used my "Cheeky" PayPal voucher to get £10 off. So £18 for a set of new pedals and cleats which is only six squid more than the cleats were costing. Put my old ones on ebay. I can relax my legs again without fear of accidentally unclipping.

  • I have Axions (that take ATAC cleats) on my commuter and Z forms (that also take ATAC cleats) on my Xtracycle and they're great, but if you like pedals with a degree of float and don't mind road shoes you just can't beat Speedplays for comfort (unless you can track down some M2 Racer Orbs which are super exotic and even better!!!) :)

  • Sorry to drag up an old thread but are these time pedals from the "atac" range? Or are they the one's you can adjust yourself?

  • they are time atac alium's, which i do not believe you can adjust

    the XS's are the ones you can adjust

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Time Atac Pedals

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