• i'm in if you find somewhere nice

  • Don't make it the Regent, its so close to me there's no point in riding to it! And in my defence, I was a regular there *before *its gastrotwunt makeover, when you could dump your bike in the pub, and Alex would let you ride his kids bikes around the rooms upstairs. That and the lax application of the law. The current German bar girl is very keen to do a HH track induction though. Once its the summer we could do a rotating venue - its only five minutes between four of the pubs listed up there ^^^

  • No offence intended, Chris! ;)
    I may pop in there for a cheeky one on the way home actually...

  • The Regent used to be my local till they wanked it up! Such a shame, had some good times in there. The Commercial in Herne Hill is OK

  • trying to get you lot to decide on anything, is like wrestling a pig in shit. Rather than pissing and whining about where we should hold the drinks why don't we just hold the drinks and then we can figure out a rotating venue for our ongoing enjoyment. ;-P
    Westie drinks work because a venue was chosen a date was set and people went and drank there. It has now become tradition and a fixture in the lfgss drinking calendar. I repeat it is more important to get drinking, and get the ball rolling, than waffle on about where we should drink.
    Clapham was put forward as a venue as previously posted in the spotted thread, I'll go where the majority decide, but lets just decide on somewhere. ;-)

  • Trinity in Brixton then? Lotsa railings for parking, we can sit outside and keep an eye on tings...

  • +1 for Trinity. Effra's good too - both off the main strip but I think bike parking would be easier at the Trinity.

    I used to live on Kellett Rd, about 5 doors down from the Effra. Loved going there.

  • i am in -

    how about wednesday or monday's ???? i say the falcon or the sun pub in clapham.

  • monday, POW in clapham.

    but then having said that i move back east in a couple of weeks. not that i would ever let distance get between me and a nice pint.

    cornelius - i agree with your comment. you should go ahead and call it.

  • I'm in too with a vote for the falcon/sun and Monday (Tuesday is trixie day and Wed is SE Polo)

  • ; ) i am in -

    how about wednesday or monday's ???? i say the falcon or the sun pub in clapham.

    Sorry, two of the worst pubs in Clapham. In fact London

  • Sorry to sound a retard, but where's The Trinity?

  • Pistanator [quote]; ) i am in -

    how about wednesday or monday's ???? i say the falcon or the sun pub in clapham.

    Sorry, two of the worst pubs in Clapham. In fact London[/quote]

    good god your a hard man to make happy.

  • Sorry, just me being a twat, no offence intended. Just not my idea of a good pub that's all, ignore me...

  • No to Clapham yes to Brixton.

  • +1 Tommy

  • yes to brixton yes to clapham - no offence taken pistanator..

  • The Trinity is on Trinity Square / or Gardens - if you draw a triangle between Tescos, the town hall and Woolworths it's on the hypoteneuse.

    POW is a better pub in Clapham, but it's still in Clapham.

  • clapham is two minutes from brixton..
    personally I don't mind which.

    the sun is over the road from jonny's prince of wales, in the olde town.
    the trinity is kinda over the back towards brixton hill, never been inside only outside sometimes after riding at the track

    Monday nights, yes?

  • yep either brixton/clapham is cool Monday nights cool.

  • Brixton is good. Monday is good.

    Are we on for a Bank Holiday special on 24th, or aim for a BAU on 31st?

  • yeah, brixton and clapham are one short road about so not worth splitting hairs.

    monday nights are looking favourite.

    cornelius, you know what to do. change title to set date/time/pub and we are off. probs not next monday since hopefully everyone will be too trashed from the birthday party

  • I only say no to Clapham because although it is close to Brixton it is still another two min in the wrong direction for me. I'd say the mass of people is south central or south east not man south west like Clapham and further west.

    yes to mondays

  • i see what you're saying tommy, don't want to waste two minutes of potential supping time ;)

  • where are you flying from tommy?

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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

Posted by Avatar for cornelius_blackfoot @cornelius_blackfoot