• Just ambling around the park.

  • Anybody here now? I’m near Canopy end, can’t see you

  • There’s a fucking Samba school meeting...

  • I’m near them

    @greenhell you abaaat

  • Just walking down the hill. I walked by them 10 mins ago and thought "this will be fun".
    Also. Spotted @mashton's bike but no @mashton

  • All here. It's heaving


  • We are all in canopy!!! Whose currently in the park?

  • Canopy!!!!

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  • He looks well Cornish

  • Fucks sakes

  • Is the park over? I probably won't be in for Canopy, need to be a little extra careful of high traffic enclosed environments this week.

  • We're still in canopy right now. There's about seven of us, and two other people in the outside space, to give you an idea.

  • Ah. I'm going to bail on Canopy. Meant to get over earlier but got stuck with a work thing longer than expected. Will have to catch you all soon.

    Say hi to the Street/Delgados!

  • That was nice.

  • I have your dork cube compliments of Matt.

    HMU I'll drop it off

  • Cool beans.

  • For future reference, are these open to peeps who haven't been to beers for 8+ years and won't know anyone IRL?

  • Of course. Feel very welcome (and I've met you in real life, if very briefly).

    That was amazing, so good to see Aram and Jenne in particular. Huge fun, well done to Skully for kicking it off.

  • Well shit, I forgot to check this thread. Would’ve been good, looking forward to next time.

  • Anyone up for socially distanced drinks in Brockwell park from 3pm today or tomorrow? Rain front should’ve cleared up today by then.

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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

Posted by Avatar for cornelius_blackfoot @cornelius_blackfoot