• This week?

  • No, the 4th August... I'll have to wait to confirm, very likely to be in deepest, darkest Kent visiting a very pregnant best mate during the day...

  • will they be pregnant before you get there?

  • Looks like I'll be there in the evening, come and join me if you're nearby...

  • Dang, I leave London on the 3rd.

  • Your doing this on purpose, right? #itsallsboutme 😘

    I'll catch you next time, new job means I can afford to come over twice a year if I want...

  • In.

  • Tentatively in.

  • saw @Markyboy on Monday and he said to check in here cos you around Joe. let me know where and I will jump on the rig and come drop jaw with you.


  • Hey! I'll be in Haggerston Park watching ex-bike golf pricks playing croquet on Saturday, all the usual suspects will be there... Then off to LMNH on the river to listen to @snowy_again play some terrible tunes... Come and say hi!

    Bit easier than trekking all the way down south...

  • my Saturday is already jampacked with things even more pointless than yours - if you could believe that possible.

    but would love to see you dude so let me know where you be Sunday night or meet me on Monday night when I will be South after playing the mother of all pointless things

  • I'll be at the Sympathetic Ear on Sunday, Monday is a possibility too! Not sure where I'll be but Mrak will be in tow, and possibly Richie...

  • I'll swing by and say hello. How do I reach you?

  • awesome. had an excellent fortuitous catch up with horatio recently. and be great to see Ritchie. will aim for sympathetic ear on Sunday. and keep Monday in reserve in case of fuck ups.

    be cool to see Dov too

  • What time will you be at Sympathetic Ear dude?

  • Just after six I reckon... Nice and relaxed tonight, went a bit too hard last night... 😬

  • Ditto and perfect timing. Will get there for 18:30.


  • I’ll be there just after 8. What’s the bike parking like?

  • We're on our way, but I'm hobbling 😂

  • Last night was fun, bit sore today...

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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

Posted by Avatar for cornelius_blackfoot @cornelius_blackfoot