• should be there from seven if it doesn't get too chilly might eat pizza on the patio..

  • Euph.

  • Good to see people, albeit briefly, sorry Dropout for all the girlchat!

  • Oh darn it, there was girl chat. I knew I should have gone to souths. Instead I rode my bike around some nice and some not so nice bits of south London. In head to toe Rapha.

  • good little crew at the half moon, am glad i called in. the amalfi was pretty tasty too.

    ^ shame you didn't call in matt

  • Yeah, I got back to HH at 11.30,was going to check the Florence for stragglers but then remembered that I had Imogen's first day at nursery in the morning. Hungover is not a good look at such things...

  • I had a 'top notch' time on Monday. Thanks All. And I hope Dan the Marathon Man got back without seizing up.
    ^ Shame not to have seen you Matt.
    ^^ Jonny I owe you for that Di Canio or whatever it was called.
    ^^^^ I didn't feel there was any excess of Girlchat, Hats, for me it was like listening to In Our Time with Melvin Bragg Radio 4: I can follow much of what's being said, believing it to be plausibly based, but could never predict the conclusions and will probably never encounter the subject arising again in my small, proscribed world of male singleton bike riding. ;-)

  • After an extended holiday from Souths whilst sick and off the bike I shall be returning triumphantly this evening.

    I expect a standing ovation upon arrival.

    Or just a casual nod of acknowledgement.

    Whichever you feel is appropriate.

  • In with the T4

  • Got a meeting centrally but will be there for approx seven. T4 I will give you the old school assembly clap upon your return and buy you a pint as well.. Though maybe not two..

  • Thinking I may pop in for a beer tonight. See you all a little later.

  • Hmm, crowds looking fun. May drop in.

  • too much work to be done, plus don't want corny giving me the clap too. but might sack it all off any come say hi if things get bad :/

  • Hopefully have time to pop in for a quick pint after track

  • Kat's bike was stolen from inside her building last night (Herne hill). Please read from Thr stolen bikes thread

    Kat (OLC's) girlfriend here. We've awoken to find my bike has been nicked from inside my building in Herne Hill, thankfully they left Simon's. It's a Pinarello hybrid, needs new gear shifters and a chainset, was booked in to brixton cycles for nearly £400 worth of new parts but I spose I'll have to spend that on a new bike now. It currently has miche gear shifters that don't work very well on the left side and a very worn chain and campag triple set. I'll stick a photo up once I've figured out how the hell to do it.

    Yeah happened overnight. Both me and Simon were awake most or last night due to my flatmates drunken houseguests pottering around so they must have been very quiet when they did it. My bike was behind two bikes so they managed to pull them out of the way and get mine out (which has a very loud clicky hub) in the cramped staircase without us hearing. Thankfully it was insured. Have reported online to police and task force.

    Please keep your eyes peeled for Kat's bike online and IRL. Photo's up thread, a pinarello Treviso, carbon forks, 9 speed campag cassette. Not sure what wheel set but black hubs/spikes/rims radially spoked. Stolen from Herne hill so so especially lease look out if you're local

  • Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuump

  • [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4egb2gpI­g4&feature=share"]The

    Wailin' Jennys - The Parting Glass - YouTube[/ame]

  • it seems from last night that the half moon's change of ownership has finally started to show some impact.

    outside they've filled the front with tables and chairs almost completely blocking the bike flowerpots and seriously restricting the ability to lock bicycles without moving all the tables out of the way which i can imagine will piss off the owners and also might not be possible if people are already sitting there

    and much less important but also kind of annoying they only have small bottles and cans of soft drinks now as they either don't have soda dispensers or they don't work at the moment.

    can see the bike locking becoming an issue as the summer rolls around though.

  • If I had been there - which I wasn't, obviously - I would second this observation.

  • I found the bar staff a bit rude yesterday.

  • The new landlady seemed nice enough, but she didn't have a clue what she was doing

  • No0b splitterz destroy Souths...
    slow handclap

  • you're thinking of SE's

  • Souths started it.

  • My pizza was terrible put me right off the place

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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

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