• Emma's on her way so yeah.

    Still forever alone right now though

  • My excuses- found my lock was stiff a little while ago. I now know that it's properly fucked, there's blood all over the carpet and I'm in a bit of a stinker.

    So next week!

  • Out tonight. Starting my training again tonight, maybe next week though.

    Have fun tonight kids.

  • My excuses are
    1.) its too bloody cold
    2.) I'm currently putting my brother up and hes too antisocial to bring along
    3.) I busted my back rowing at the gym because I thought it was safer than running
    4.) its too bloody cold

    Next time for sure tho

  • I've just heard that the C&H have new management and will be doing 241 burgers again. Just saying.

  • Whut?!? Changed hands again?!?

  • I thought we're no longer going there because of the whole stuff of "felt like our time have run it's course" and* "onwards and upwards."*, all those corny bollocks rather than the food?

  • i say dont fuck with the current souths arrangement until people have had a chance to check it out in advance

  • Ed, if you came out to beers more than once in a blue moon, maybe your words would carry a bit more weight, but I'm kinda getting tired of you stomping in with little or no knowledge of what you are talking about, every time someone mentions anything about souths moving location, possibly, maybe, in the future.

    Since when has south had to have your approval for it to do anything?

    If you want to have a say, show your face on a regular basis, until then quiet your buzz and stop acting like your opinion means a damn to anyone but yourself...

  • Get the aloe vera!

  • Never been to the new one obviously, g/f said it's a decent 'uns.

    As you were.

  • ^^^Word.

  • Bump.

  • out tonight, blew the budget taking my dad out for dinner yesterday and i'm working off a 10 pint hangover.

  • Anyone know if Murts is meant to be making an appearance?

  • That would be a turn up. I'm hoping to come along later 9ish.

  • I'll come down if mutters is.

  • I owe you a pint... ;-)

  • If it comes as a milky white substance I'm moving back North.

  • Do they do veggie pizzas?
    I really cant be fucked to go shopping tonight.

  • Yes - usually have a lovely red onion + spinach one with extra chilli when I go

  • Will any of the OG Southies be there?
    I cant keep up with all these new folk.

  • I really cant be fucked to go shopping tonight.

    This is my thinking.
    New and old, we think the same.

  • Probably in. Depending on any unrelenting downpours that occur in the next hour or so.

  • Maybe I shal come along then.
    I have to ge see a bald man with a beard in Putney, I may stop in on my way home for a pizza aroun 9:00.

    @ Joey Shitstain, are you coming? We can discuss lens shizzle.

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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

Posted by Avatar for cornelius_blackfoot @cornelius_blackfoot