• yes.

  • How early?

  • leaving now - 25mins?

  • You heard it here first, just booked flights to bangkok, leave wednesday at 4.05pm.

    Will be down to the pub for 7pm..

  • Awesome.

  • x2

  • lock up your daughters

  • Be there for 7ish. Muffins are packed!

  • Just rode past, didn't see anyone... Gonna get some scran and catch you in a bit...

    Tonight has epic written all over it... I can feel it in my catheter...

  • I'll be there in 15. You better empty that thing before you arrive Joe, we don't want a repeat of last time.

  • heading down now, be with you all in 40..

  • also beware come mid jan when I return fully, there will be none of this I can't be arsed to lock my bike up I'll just put it here alongside the benches. You have been warned.

    I'll see you in January big man. I'm at football....

  • ace muffinage tibs, tho i only had a nibble - missus scoffed the rest. she is of the opinion that it was better than any she'd ever made, and as a result, you must be destroyed

  • Nice to put some faces to forum names. Will drop by again.

  • wont be there on the 17th i'm afraid Bernie, have a friends 30th to attend, i beilve Snowy & GoEllis will be coming too (but thier plans are as predictable as the Great British Weather), so that is us out of the equation.


    You know people who are 30?

  • As good a night as ever. Thanks all.
    Beautiful frame and build, Gav.
    Lovely redheads: Jen (and BRM?). Looks like Heidi wasn't even phased by the bike fraternity: visit again.
    Have a good time out SE. Andrew, and thanks for the heads up on BrightTimes Dec 11th at Look Mum...

  • Thanks Guys, big love.

  • Did anyone else notice Corny giving instructions to his Panthers cell before he left.
    Repped for racism.

  • Panthers?

    Lovely night people - lovely Muffins Tibbs!

  • I love you guys... Be safe, Brother Cornelius... Don't do anything stoopid, come home in one piece... x

    BTW Last night a historic meeting took place which may or may not determine the future of (woohoo)mankind...

  • good fun.

  • Great to see you all again, thanks for all the sympathy for the arm..lol. Good times as always!

  • I stayed home and read a book, fun is for losers

  • Hey Corndog sorry I missed you last night, be well and stay classy out there in Thai Land.

    Wha'appen Jose? You starting the revolution or summing?

  • fun is for losers


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South London Beers: Reboot - Last Thursday of the Month at The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, SE24

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