East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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  • a quick summary would be helpful

    I've been trying - and struggling - to make proper sense of it all too to be honest. It could do with its own website to explain the background and include updates of the situation. For example, there was a 'hearing' with the 'planning inspectorate' on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, with a 'decision' due in the next few weeks.

    All I really understand from it all is that this is a particularly organised objection to plans to make further changes to the building to create more flats, with the argument being that it is financially viable and in the best interests of the community to turn it back into a pub.

    Scanning through the group, there are other pubs in Leyton that are getting frequently cited as success stories from similar circumstances, but I have no idea how they compare. Do you reckon its on a hiding to nothing? From talking to a pal who's in housing, he reckons the chances are miniscule. Looking through the posts, there is a message from the council that explains that the council has tried for years to get the landowner to reopen it as a pub and they're not interested. In the same post there's talk of seeing if the council will designate it a 'Asset of Community Value' and enable compulsory purchase - I have no idea if any of the hearing this week related to that.

  • In a way it hasn't changed that much...

  • Ah, OK, thanks. Here's some more info--multiple offences on the part of the landlord, it seems:


    They're basically trying to overcome the order to have a pub on the ground floor. Quite a few steps towards saving it have already been taken, and it's come down to this:

    The pub is currently under threat from developers who have ignored a council enforcement on them to restore the ground floor to usage as a pub. Instead they have converted it in to a dwelling and plan to fight the council, implying that no one cares!

    THERE IS NO TIME TO DELAY - the meeting discussing this matter is taking place on November 17th 2020 and although the process may take time to complete we must show them how much the Antelope means to the local community.

    The Antelope was granted status as an "Asset of Community Value" in 2015 during which time at least one offer to take on the pub was made. It was also mentioned recently in council literature as part of the local regeneration and a place to be protected.

  • Ah yes. Somehow missed that information despite signing the petition. Although Change.org is diabolical to use. I thought I’d signed only to be sent an email a couple of days later to ask if I wanted to complete the process, which involved viewing - and declining - ten other petitions.

  • It must also be mentioned that in planning, petitions make the sum total of f*** all difference. It's a total waste of time to sign them. I'm personally convinced that these sites must have soaked up an enormous amount of campaigning energy that could more usefully have been directed elsewhere.

    I can't find any news about the hearing on-line, but I'll have another look at the F******* group you linked to now.

  • An update about the hearing from the campaign posted in the group mentioned above:

    Hi everyone, just to give a very brief update on today - we feel the council made their points very well, Melissa Murphy played an absolute blinder, and it seems that it should go in our favour, but a decision is still a few weeks away.

    Good news is that we have been invited to attend the inspection of the pub (not the premises above) which we feel is a good sign.

    We cannot submit any further evidence, as the inquiry is now closed bar this inspection. We’ll be writing a press release and keep publicising the campaign as much as we can to continue applying pressure and show we’re not a flash in the pan - we want The Antelope open, and are willing and able to make it happen!

  • Saw this on FB

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  • Update: https://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/1­8885075.future-historic-leyton-pub-conte­sted-court/

    TL;DR: “If [developer]’s appeal is unsuccessful, it will be forced to reverse redevelopment work done on all floors of the pub and cease unauthorised use of the building. The planning inspector will visit the pub next week. A decision is due in the following weeks.”

  • Some people went in for an inspection today

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  • The campaign has successfully had the current landlord’s appeal to convert the property into housing dismissed.


  • Good. Let's see what's next (people like that rarely give up). There may be a risk of illegal development now that the decision hasn't gone their way, or another planning application. Let's hope the applicants see sense and let the pub again.

  • restrictions lift a little on monday .... i think
    weds looks like the warmest day of the year
    we have an extra hour of daylight ( drinking time )

    the stars are aligning

  • Where's enough space for six that won't be overrun completely? Vicky Park?


  • Wests, could, at a pinch offer you a bit of Acton Park.

  • I mean, I know that daylight comes to Wests later than to Easts, but, respecting traditions, Wests is still on a Thursday and not on a Wednesday. The trouble is that the weather forecast for Thursday shows a bit of a temperature drop and it'll feel considerably less hospitable in Acton Park at drinks time. We could, of course, combine both on Wednesday. :)

  • Anyone else interested apart from dicki and me? We could meet in Victoria Park close to the Royal Inn and pretend it's 2009.

    I've just seen that Wests have heretically decided to meet on Wednesday, too, probably for the above reason, so if #eastsisdead I might head there.

  • Potentially in.

  • Actually definitely not in - likely to be working every waking hour for the next few weeks. But have taken week of 12 April off to support the reopening economy.

  • I might be into popping out.

  • ooops events have unfolded after bumping this thread, weds plans have gone out of the window, will be seeing my parents for the first time in 9mths weds evening ..... gutted !

  • will be seeing my parents for the first time in 9mths weds evening ..... gutted !

    We know what you meant, hopefully they won't see this thread

  • Are you coming, Ben?

    So far it seems only 606 and me are available. Anyone else?


  • Antelope watch

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East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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