East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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  • Just got in from work. It would appear it’s a no this evening?

  • Apologies,
    1st Wednesday of the month sees me being a (n enlightened?) busybody
    at the Ruislip Residents' Association.
    If you do meet up, have fun.
    2 weeks time, I'm a maybe.

  • Ah, I'd assumed from the lack of replies that we weren't on.

    We do need to have a discussion about pubs, though. Suggestions, please. See my post above ^^^^ for one from @hs.

  • In case anyone here hasn't seen it yet, Rowhan recently succumbed to the lymphoma he had been battling for years. He didn't go to Easts as far as I know, but to SEs and Norths, and there are drinks in his memory this coming Tuesday (13th) at the Roebuck in Great Dover Street:


  • ^^ As above, any other ideas or suggestions for a new Easts pub?

    It would be good to get some replies. :)


  • Knock knock.

    Obligatory bump ahead of this Wednesday. How's everyone fixed?

    No pub suggestions still?

  • I'm at Eels rather than Easts this Weds.

  • It has never been better than the 1st 70 pages.

  • Heading up home for a few days from the Wednesday so can't make it this week.

    In terms of pubs for future though I'm happy with going further afield for a bit for a mix up if we'd like to. Can't think of anywhere new or exciting that may be on offer in the area at the moment

  • Yeah, they're a bit fossilised now, though. :)


  • Yes, it doesn't have to be Hackney. We've previously thought of the King's Arms (corner of Buckfast Street and Derbyshire Street, just south of Bethnal Green Road). It doesn't do food (which we could get from somewhere else) and has poor cycle parking outside, unfortunately. As I mentioned, @hs suggested the Northcote Arms in Leyton.

    I suppose we could do a special edition boardgames night at Proceed Clockwise (originally suggested by @Lebowski) or at Draughts (which @Drakien has lots of experience of, but he's just had a baby so will probably not be available). Or we could do beers in the park--London Fields, for instance, perhaps preceded by getting food somewhere around there, e.g. Death by Pizza. Loads of options.

  • Oh, and Wednesday evening is looking warm and sunny.

  • Still a maybe.

  • How Far East are you willing to go? If Far East enough I could be tempted to join you.

  • Are you in London at the moment or just joking about being in Hong Kong again?

  • C’mon, I even capitalised the words for you.

    Back in early October next, plan on doing one of N/E when I am.

  • one of N/E when I am.

    I guess it depends how much you like your own company

  • More than I like cheese.

  • So anyone around tomorrow?

  • So, @dbr today recommended the Mermaid, which is where the Cricketers used to be in Downs Road, E5. It's not too far from Hackney Central and handy for anyone riding back to Clapton or Waltham Forest of a Wednesday evening. As we're currently homeless, should we try that? For food, we could go to My Neighbours the Dumplings in Lower Clapton Road just round the corner (good dim sum, only annoyance is that it's card only). MNtD at 6, Mermaid at 7:30 this Wednesday?

  • Pub web-site:


    Hm, or we could have food at the Mermaid itself.

  • Mate went to MNtD recently and had to queue, so be aware of that. Said it was good tho. I'm out this Weds, but keen to return to Easts when I can.

  • Yes, they have a 'no bookings' policy (which has worked very well for them). Did your mate go to the Lower Clapton Road one or to the new one in Victoria Park Road? I would have thought that the latter would have eased queues at the former, but perhaps they've just doubled down ...

  • Bump just in case there's any residual enthusiasm somewhere. :)

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East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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