East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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  • Part of me was thinking ooh I bet they know @mespilus

    You are too kind,
    bestowing upon me an unattainable ubiquity.

  • Just seen a sign for a vegan pizza place on Bohemia Place. Saint Pizza it is called

  • Oooh, that looks good.


    Should we do that on Wednesday?

  • Updated list:

    Cook Daily, off Westgate Street
    Black Cat Café, Clarence Road
    The Spread Eagle, Homerton High Street
    The Kingfisher, Homerton High Street (traditional chip shop with newly-introduced vegan menu)
    Sutton & Sons (traditional chip shop with not-so-newly-introduced vegan menu)
    Temple of Hackney, Morning Lane
    Vietnamese places, Mare Street between Well Street and Richmond Road
    Saint Pizza, Bohemia Place - https://abqlondon.com/saint-pizza
    Death by Pizza, Netil Market - https://www.deathbypizza.co.uk/

    Close at 6 so only for very early birds:

    VDelicious, Ponsford Street (http://vdelicious.co.uk/)
    Wave, Dispensary Yard off Mare Street Narroway (seems pricey)

    Lots of other caffs in the area close at 4, so not suitable.

    Please add to it!

  • This has also just reminded me of Death by Pizza, which I meant to try around the time they opened, but then completely forgot about:


    They're in Netil Market, so just across the way from Cook Daily, and open Wednesdays. We could try them sometime. As they don't have premises as such, we should pick a nice day for it to eat al fresco in London Fields.

  • So who's in tonight? Any preferences for where to go for food?

    Much though I'd love to pretend that #eastshappensanyway, I don't think we're quite there yet. :)

  • I’d be up to try the pizza on Bohemia Place? Then a couple of beverages at the Chesham

  • Up for it, too.

    Any other preferences from others?

  • I'm working late, unfortunately.

  • Given this;


    Should you not be boycotting the Chesham Arms until they settle their debts with Canopy?

  • Er oops--I obviously had no idea that was the case. Strange. Well, what do people think? We can, of course, try somewhere else--plenty of choice in the local area. I don't expect @jcgarcia to want to comment on a public forum, but it's probably only fair to tag him in (and @stelle and @illy ).

  • Apologies,
    I'm out this evening.
    mespilus jr midway through A-levels.
    ...... and rain.

  • Was just about to do what Andy did.

    Clearly, we're B U S Y.

  • Right, in the absence of other opinions, I suggest we do the Pembury Tavern tonight, which to the best of my knowledge is currently controversy-free. Not too far away, at the junction of Dalston Lane, Amhurst Road, and Pembury Road. It's recently been taken over by the nearby Five Points Brewery and I haven't been there yet since that change.

    Before that, food at Saint Pizza in Bohemia Place. Let's say 7 for that because ric_a5 can't make it earlier. We should then be at the Pembury for 8 or 8:30.


    Does that sound OK with everyone?

    Sorry not to see you, mespilus, but obviously understand that residents of Ruislip have reason to get a little nervous when it rains so much.

  • We had a lovely session both at the pizza place and at the Pembury. The pizza was very good and the staff were great. The Pembury was a bit noisy at first and for the first round we picked the wrong beer, but after that it was plain sailing.

    Plenty of options for next week!

  • Right, a couple of housekeeping things-- @andyp or @Chalfie (or any other South Londoners, who are obviously all the same and stick together in one gang), I'd be grateful if you could keep us informed as to whether this has been resolved yet.

    Also, I suppose we're more or less officially on tour, so does anyone want to suggest another pub to go to? I guess anything with an E postcode will do, within reason, i.e. not ten miles east in Outer London, etc., even if some E postcodes are more north-east than east (E9 included). I'd really like to go back to the Chesham when the air is clear, but until then we might as well have some variety.

    Any recent favourite pubs?

    We can then think of a food place nearby, too.

  • Bumpety bump. No pub suggestions?

    Happy to do the Pembury again but other options, nearby or less than nearby, I can think of off the top of my head include the Cock Tavern (haven't been for a long time, as they didn't have any vegan beer on tap the last time I went, but I know @photoben likes it), the Clapton Hart (although that's getting a bit north-east), the King's Arms (corner of Buckfast Street and Derbyshire Street, south of Bethnal Green Road, so proper east), the Prince Arthur in Forest Road, the Wenlock Arms, or the Camel in Globe Road--trying to pick out some that are spread over quite a wide area.

  • I spoke to @stelle at the Velo Fete on Sunday but didn’t talk about this. Will update again in a year or so when I run into her again.

  • Given they seem to change their name to dodge stuff, I'd just give them a wide berth

  • The social scene down there would be too fast-paced for me.

  • Well, maybe. I'm sure it's not Joe's fault, though, and the Chesham is by far and away the best pub in the area.

    Personally, I'd be happy to go back once the payment has been made, even if much too late, unless something similar re-occurs with a different brewery, of course.

    But it's not my decision, but that of the unnumbered hordes beating down the door of Easts every week without fail.

  • unnumbered hordes -1

    It is unlikely I will be attending.
    mespilus jr. completes his 'A'-levels tomorrow,
    so, there will be the inevitable and (local) traditional celebrations
    centring aroung the ritual burning of an effigy of the Prior of Ogbourne.

  • It appears to have happened to more than one brewery through the chesham.
    Happy to read more if you find more.

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East Beers - Wednesdays - The Chesham Arms E9 6DU

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