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  • They are the best for licking. Dogs.

  • This is not a massive issue (not like being bitten by a dog)...

    Person walks through pub. Yappy little shithound dives out from under owner's chair and tries to bite person's foot through his trainers. Person is wearing leather trainer and dog is a proper shitty little yappy thing so does no real harm other than making the person jump.

    What is the most 'full on' but still reasonable response from the person walking through said pub... and what is everyone's opinion of the owner and what their response should be to the incident?

    No harm done, absolute non-story. Most sane people would have forgotten about it, if they'd even noticed at the time. So a reasonable response is to get the fuck over it.

    Alternatively you could bring it up on an internet forum and ask dumb questions...

  • there are millions of dogs about these days
    swear to god, every house has one, or is it just here....

  • Huskie trotting across a cycle path in hyde park today, slowed right down for it before it changed direction and put me over the handlebars.

    Elbow is ruined, shorts/jacket slightly muddy, Bike is perfectly fine, thank god!

    No sign of apologetic dog owner..

  • Not sure if taking the piss...

    Buddy's Baby Crawling School - YouTube

  • are there enough dogs in U.K?
    some one start a poll,
    or a list,

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