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  • Does anyone still use an elite turbomuin b+ ?
    My wife just got one and wondering if they work better with any apps? It doesn’t have erg mode as far as I can tell but presumably wahoo SYSTM will work without?

  • I've got one, but don't use the built in connectivity. I just use it as a dumb trainer with a separate power meter.

  • I also use it as a dumb trainer - I am not sure if there is any connectivity at all (maybe there are different versions?)

  • It’s sending power, speed, cadence etc to the elite app so I assume it will do the same to any other app using Bluetooth? It just can’t do erg mode?
    Pretty cool trainer though, great for race warm up as it doesn’t need power

  • Yeah it won't do erg mode

  • I have one that came with a turbo I bought used, but it didn't come with all the parts. You're welcome to it if you want, I'm not sure how it goes together and therefore if it's any use

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  • That's the exact bit, amazing. Will PM

  • Anyone have a trainer on uneven floor? Not sure how I'd not noticed it before but the floor in the room I have the trainer in is on a bit of slant. Recently changed a cassette on the turbo (Kickr V5) and must have screwed both feet in all the way not realising one must have been unscrewed slightly previously which was keeping it level. Got on it after that and it was really rocking so worked it out and unscrewed one of the legs a bit to sort. However, since then it's just always felt a bit off and I seem to be getting knee pain. I can measure with a spirit level and get the saddle right but with one leg higher up it just feels a bit odd.

    Frustrating as previously had never had an issue. Anyone had a similar experience?

  • I think my body is fortunately quite forgiving of this sort of thing, but I'm operating on a major slant and just cut up an old yoga mat into credit card sized pieces and put a couple under one foot and several under another.. felt a bit weird at first but now it just seems like I have the world's cheapest rocker plate!

  • Knee pain from one ride on an uneven trainer sounds, unlikely.

    It's possible you were trying to compensate for the lean angle but still, if you didn't even notice it? Anyway, yes, mine is often uneven and I'll eventually adjust it until the next time it moves over somewhere and leans the other way.

  • Knee pain from one ride on an uneven trainer sounds, unlikely

    Sorry, should have said it’s been pretty every ride since.

    It's possible you were trying to compensate for the lean angle but still, if you didn't even notice it?

    Yeah quite possibly. It’s certainly not the worst pain but it’s not ideal and would prefer not to have it.

  • Well obviously, even up your turbo but then rest it to let it heal. Is the pain front back left right? Check that it's not something else - load increase (volume or intensity)? adjust saddle? Saddle slipped, post slipped, cleats worn, shoes changed? Yada yada It seems like you've found the cause, now you need to fix it and rest to let repair happen.

  • I had one of these for a few years. Great solid fluid trainer. Works well with TrainerRoad as you're doing fairly consistent power intervals (ie 2 minutes @ Xwatts).

    I've used SYSTM with my Wahoo Kickr in ERG and I think it would be hard work with the Elite TurboMuin as a lot the inherited Sufferfest videos and new content rely on constantly changing power targets to make it 'fun'. Matching these changes without erg mode might get frustrating, although I haven't tried.

  • Feels like pain is in the front, right in the middle of the knee.

    No, everything is the same. Yeah, hoping it's temporary.

  • Rest, roll your quads, stretch quads.

    Somewhat ironic that I was at the physio today for knee pain. :)

    Also, thanks for your post I finally bothered to adjust the turbo feet that have been clunky all week because they're off.

  • And here it is, the wooden budget version! Nice little space saver.

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  • I should really make something like this. What's the axle mount thing?

  • One of these which covers QR + Thur axle. Other cheaper QR only mounts are out there if you search for car mounts.

  • Thanks - would get me back a bit of valuable floor space + save me intermittently pumping up the very very slow puncture in the front tyre.

  • #ifeelseen

    I've thought about doing one of these for the last 10 years after seeing a turbo with a built in one and have never got near it obviously. It would clear a little bit of space and stop me using flat front tyres all the time..

  • Are they robust enough for a fat cunt sprinting out of the saddle? (asking for a friend obvs)

  • I think I'm now up to 3 years of pumping up this tyre weekly rather than just fixing it.

  • Don’t worry. My turbo front wheel had a latex tube which required twice weekly pumping. It eventually gave out and a normal butyl tube went in. But the option to not pump at all is really appealing.

  • I swap bikes and turbos a bit but they all seem to end up going flat (fatigued latex tube or some kind of flint/glass I picked up outside). Mostly I'll pump them up, sometimes I'm running out of time so just ride the bastard flat.

  • Changing topic: I couldn't find my normal ANT+ HR strap so used a BT one I had hanging around. It was found by my Garmin but not Trainerroad on the laptop. It's not some silly pairing thing is it? It strikes me as a bit dumb that a BT transmitter would be locked to one receiver in this scenario.

    Maybe the laptop just needs a reboot...

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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