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  • I know sound is a personal thing but do you reckon it would be possible to ride one in the same room as someone watching tv?

    My partner can read but uses headphones for watching tv. As mentioned, the drivetrain makes more noise than you think. Also need to factor in the noise from something like a VacMaster air mover or large fan.

  • Fair weather riders.

  • Ah, I can't see that shit any more since Strava hid all the leaderboards.

    Zero fucking interest now.

  • Basic turbo/gearing question....

    I've recently switched to an 11-34 cassette (for outside) along with a new chain & the longer cage derailleur. I've kept the 28 cassette on the turbo and now it's super noisy and doesn't like being in certain sprockets, clicking/catching kind of noise.

    Something to do with the new derailleur or time to change the cassette to the same size as the 34?

  • Size shouldn't matter (ooh nurse) but if the wear is different you'll get much noisier chains.

    Eg I'm running a chain that's too long for the cassette and RD I'm using but it works fine if a little noisy to begin with.

    Yours might be that the indexing is a bit pish between the two cassettes because wheel vs. turbo mean the chain is in a slightly different position.

  • Ok cool yeah I guess the cassette is maybe like 7-8 months old now so that makes sense. Might just ignore it for a bit...

  • Do Glebe Way instead.

    Or Hawes Lane, which is almost as steep as Corkscrew, but speedbumps and traffic give you an excuse.

  • Headphones and/or add a few notches onto the speaker volume :)

  • Then he’d need to navigate.

  • This is the type of advice I'm here for :)

  • I get this with a brand new chain and two new cassettes of the same size with my Cannondale Synapse on a Wahoo Kickr Core. I think I even asked in this thread about it...

    I think it is just a fact of life moving between the wheel and the trainer and the small differences in spacing, and I chose noisy inside so I don't get called out when riding for realz.

  • Yep, deffo better noisier inside than out

  • What's the best power bank in the £10 - 30 range for an iPad mini doing Zwift/turbo - running out of power is a right pita.

  • Great. Thanks!

  • Anyone interested in a 2nd generation kickr (2018) before I put an ad up? VGC with all the bits. Based in London and would prefer not to post. Does £600 seem like a fair price? Let me know if I’m way off. Cheers!

  • Can this be used with a 12mm Thru-axle bike with medium/long cage rear derailleur? Might be interested pending sale of a bike.

  • Hey, thanks for the interest. Definitely ok to use with a 12mm thru axle. I’m not too sure about the difference the derailleur would make though. Here is a link to the wahoo page for reconditioned versions if it helps:


  • Anyone want a Kickr Bike? I know a guy.
    (I need to go back to the TT bike being on a turbo, as will be spending a depressing amount of time on it come October.)

  • Elite Suito-T, is this the best wheel-off trainer in this price range, or is the Kickr Core worth the extra? I'm undecided on either/or.

  • A long shot. Does anyone have a spare m12 x 1.75 wahoo snap thru axle going spare?

  • I tried both, kept the Core. Preferred the 'feel' although the Elito if it's the same one doesn't need a power source to work which is handy in certain situations.

  • By most accounts, the Core seems to have the edge, but presently there's a £150 difference in price which is hard for me to swallow right now for a little bit better feel

  • And what's the turbo fan of choice for the forum?

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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