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  • I have a couple of free 30-day codes for Sufferfest if anyone is interested ... ping me your email via DM.

  • Has anyone here tried a fixed gear on their smart trainer?
    My super six is on the turbo but I want to get it back out on the road from April.
    My other bike will be lugging the kids around on the back.
    That just leaves my pre-cursa.
    I guess an alternative is swapping the wheel out to use on the turbo if I can find a cheap wheel and old cassette -might knacker the chain though?

  • Spacing will be the big obstacle, I guess?

  • Of all the bikes they could have used for that promo shot...
    Nope, have a Saris M2 on-wheel trainer.

  • More curious about how to handle change in power/cadence when training...

  • I've used a fixed on a turbo before. Not for very long though. What you need is bigger nuts.


    No. But seriously.

  • Again, for that price you can find a second hand frame for turbo specific duties

  • Looking for a Wattbike Atom referral code if anyone has one. @Acliff ? @Soul ?

  • Happy to help but I can't find a way to actually share a referral link. The refer a friend page says there's a button I click but, signed in or not, there's not actually anything that shows up.

  • I've sold my Atom, so I don't think I can give you a referral code, but maybe @Soul can from this link:


  • Thanks! The Refer a Friend button launches an overlay / popup to enter your name and e-mail address, which generates a code and link. It could be a browser issue if the button isn't working.

  • I've got an old Tacx Flow. Not a smart one, but it does give you your power output / speed etc. onto a display and you can amend the resistance of the wheel on that display.

    My dog thought i should go wireless and chewed through the cable which connects the trainer to the display.
    First time I managed to solder it back together but second time that didnt work. I cant find any replacements on Tacx website so bought an ADSL cable off Amazon. I can see power coming through on the display but no data is going through. This means I only have the hardest resistance now (and no speed or power output).

    Is the solution a different kind of cable or is this the excuse I needed to upgrade to a Kickr Core?

  • Since having the hip flexor problems I have lost any energy for turbo sessions. Aerobic workouts are raising my heart rate higher than Iā€™d expect and anything over ftp and I grind to a mental and physical halt.

    I was just watching an old TrainerRoad podcast where they were talking about over training and suggested reduce intensity and volume and focus on mobility. Which would be fine except I am already doing an hour of yoga most days - very static/slow focusing on control, breathing and flexibility as I use bike for cardio.

    Felt very sub par all week, even did a covid swab test which came back negative so at a bit of a loss as to what to do/change.

    After hip flexor issues I did an ftp test (it had dropped) and have been doing base training. So the last few ftp tests have all shown a reduction in ftp.

  • Are you doing any riding outside at all? I got really fed up of/demotivated on the turbo earlier this year and struggled without being able to put my finger on why.

    It served a purpose but thereā€™s no substitute for getting out in the sun. Iā€™ve not even put my power meter on my outdoors bike and itā€™s very liberating.

    Iā€™m still fat and slow though.

  • I have no desire to ride outside at all these days.

    It was realising that I felt the need to have cameras record my rides because of the frequency of shit driving, close or punishment passes and I no longer have the energy to argue with shit drivers that sold me on turbo sessions.

    When lockdown happened it meant fewer cars on the roads so people just started driving faster.

  • Does sound like either overtraining or you're fighting something off.

    Maybe take a week off the bike and don't beat yourself up about not exercising?

    If the thought of getting on the bike doesn't feel appealing then something is up, and pushing through that won't help in the long run.

  • sounds like dj is fighting off the stress of riding on britain's roads... I can empathise... I seriously don't think it's worth the hassle some days. sad really

  • Take a week off, buy a mountain bike.

  • buy a mountain bike.

    This, really, if putting up with traffic is what pushes you inside find a new way of riding that avoids it as much as possible. Fighting a bog or finding if a route is rideable is far more enjoyable that keeping the power on track on TR.

    Try to remember what got you into cycling first, pretty sure it wasn't sitting on the turbo in your garage.

  • I find when I injure myself or just lose motivation and fitness better to ease myself in slowly, doing 1-2hr of something never harder than sweet spot, preferably watching some racing on the TV a few times until I start feeling better.
    Anything hard just demotivates myself more because the perceived lack of fitness, but normally it just takes a few rides to loose things up.

  • Since having the hip flexor problems

    Also, how long did it take you to heal from it?

  • Just take a break. Have a week off. Work the garden. Do some positive thinking.

    I can't speak for your roads, but I feel the same. Then I go out, sort myself out, and even the dickheads don't phase me 5 mins after they've gone.

  • Exactly this. I used to be an aggressive argumentative cunt but no longer have the fight or desire to put myself in such situations. I donā€™t enjoy the red mist descending after a punishment pass or dangerous overtake.

    I realised that three hours of bliss on the road could/would generally be utterly marred by one or two heart in mouth moments.

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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