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  • “Pre Session Gel” - wtf?

    A gel for before you even ride?

  • Is it April already?

  • They've misspelled "Pre Session Dump" haven't they?!?

  • That's not mental. If you're training early or you want to use the same stuff you race with it makes sense. It's the indoor vs. outdoor thing I take issue with.

  • I used to pop a gel on the start line of races. Might have been a stupid idea but became a habit.

  • I always did this for crits, mostly because if you didn't there was no way you'd get to use one during the race

  • Menthol gel tho

  • Are there any turbo trainers that would work with a single speed bike? I use some Tacx rollers but they don’t suit the other riders in the house.

  • Most wheel-on trainers, ime, should do. The mechanism that clamps onto a standard road QR normally has some tapered cups that hold the skewer. I imagine that this style would also clamp fine on standard wheel nuts.

  • Problem is nowhere has stock of them at the moment.
    Let me know if you find anywhere that has them.

  • Some might not clamp up to 120mm width (both of mine dont), but tacx do wider axle bolts

  • Thanks, I’ll check out the Tacx ones.

  • Tacx Flow - any good? Seems like a pretty good budget friendly smart trainer.. not amazing - but I am not going to be using it all the time and not doing crazy training.. anyone have any experiences? Or should i just level up?

    All I want really is something smart and quiet..

  • If you need Tacx axle nuts and struggle to find some ... I think I have some spare.

  • Apologies in advance, more noob advice needed please.

    A mate very kindly gave me an elite crono fluid elastogel trainer which seems to do the job fine but is very basic. I'd like to make it more interactive so I'm looking into what sensors and apps would work. It's described as being compatible with third party software platforms such as Zwift if I use a ant+ speed/cadence sensor but I'm totally baffled by what I should go for and how it connects to the trainer.


    This is the Elite ant+ sensor but reading the Q&A Wiggle are saying this isn't compatible. Looking at higher end Elite trainers you can install a magnet in the roller and stick the sensor to the trainer but you cannot do that on mine.


    Given I have a Wahoo Elemnt bolt for GPS would it be better to use there speed/cadence/HR sensors for the turbo trainer and can that then connect to programs like TR or Zwift?

    I did back scroll on here for a while but got lost with all the acronyms, cheers.

  • Yep – I used to have this trainer and had it working with Zwift and TR.

    You just need an ant+ USB dongle to read your speed/cadence/HR sensors – your existing Wahoo ones will be fine no need to purchase new sensors.

  • Perfect cheers. I don't actually have any Wahoo sensors but I'm assuming they're the ones to go for with the Bolt?

    Any recommendations for the USB dongle?

  • The Wahoo sensors have Bluetooth so assuming the computer/device already has that you don't need a dongle.

  • Best free training programs/app for a smart Turbo Trainer?
    Wife is getting back on the turbo, but doesn't want to commit to a TR membership again and I don't want her to mess around my profile/training plan

  • RGT (Road Grand Tour).. Sure its still free? Not great but can't complain if its free.

  • Mine is Tacx Vortex Flow. I think they are very similar.

    It's ok. Some limitations, not great for sprinting, doesn't simulate big gradients. Need to calibrate it frequently, need to warm up the wheel to get reliable power (same for all wheel-on trainers).

    Probably does 80% of what a top end one would do for about 35% of the cost. I sometimes think of upgrading, but can't really justify it as I'm sure I would gain a bit but not a massive amount.

  • Vride works for me, the free version does not give you the videos but you can create your own workouts.


  • thank you. Seems good enough for me.

  • Has anyone had issues with grinding noises on the Kickr Core? Video of issue here.

    I haven't used it since the last lockdown but now it's much louder and making a particularly odd grinding noise when in the smaller cogs on cassette. I can feel the grinding too, there's much more vibration. There aren't any issues shifting – and it's fine when freewheeling – the noise is definitely when under load.

    I've cleaned my drivetrain, removed and reinstalled the cassette a couple of times and tried adjusting the barrel adjuster to no avail. I've just opened a support ticket with Wahoo but wondered if anyone had experienced similar or had any suggestions?

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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