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  • Think TrainerRoad rate the Road Machine and have a pretty accurate virtual power curve for it - that's where they take the wheel speed and estimate your power from that. You'll still have the variable of tyre pressure / roller-to-wheel pressure though.

    I'd look out for a second hand direct drive smart trainer on ebay or here, or if that's a bit too much look for a non-smart direct drive, like the Muin. If you do get into it, you can always get a powermeter later which will work with whatever turbo you have, and outdoors. I managed to get a set of Rotor Inpower cranks for £150 - if you set up searches etc on ebay something will turn up eventually.

  • cheers all ill keep reading and researching.
    @Chalfie are powertap wheels silly expensive ? iv had a quick google and all i found were hubs for 600 notes ? am i looking in the wrong place ?

  • cheers i need to learn about power meters and stuff

  • You can try out turbo training very cheaply - dumb wheel-on turbo, no need for a PM yet. I used a basic trainer (that I swapped for a bag of coffee) for a couple of years. The Kickr I have now is really great, but you'll get almost the same training benefit from something cheap.

    The Muin looks like a decent half-way house, unless you find a great deal on a Kickr or something.

  • yeah im scanning gumtree and ebay. ill keep reading up on options. thansk all

  • Yeah, I wouldn't fret about power. I've only just come round to training with power thanks to a wheel I picked up from Bainbridge.

    I'd get a basic unit, then usually you have some way of working out your cadence and hr and feeding it to you devoce. Use that. Then upgrade as a treat when you're making progress. Otherwise you but stuff. Hate it. Stick it in the shed. Sell.becaue you have to pay a monthly fee if you use tr/zwift.

  • I think what Rich is wanting is a way to measure power and control resistance without dropping ~£1k on the latest Wahoo or Tacx.

    I’ve used a dumb trainer with a crank based PM for years to pretty good effect. The Roadmachine or Kickr Snap would be a step up from that.

    I don’t know anyone who rates the Turbo Muin. Elite seem to have got it right with their new direct drive trainers but you’re looking at £600 plus I think.

  • I should add that I used a speed and cadence sensor on a dumb Cycleops fluid trainer to reasonable effect but I don’t think the power curve trainerroad worked from was reliable.

  • bang on. i really like the idea of ap based control resistance with out havong to set it yourself and a way of measuring output for zwift/ trainer road should i get that in too it.
    A grand is way out of my budget, also i like the idea of being able to race friends who will still be in HK when im in the uk via virtual stuff, id rather have a unit that is plug and go but im willing to try other methods but im just not very knowledgeable about the ways round.
    i am reading many articles and slowly getting my head round it.

  • I’ve got a Road Machine that I no longer need. It’s in SE13 and yours for a forum donation if you can pick it up.

  • that is a GOOD turbo, @Rich_G take it! And aliexpress sensors work wonderfully

  • Kicke Snap is £429. You should see if any of the big retailers will ship to HK VAT free.

    I saved a fortune on stuff that way when I was out there.

  • im heading back to uk in 2 weeks already loaded with luggage other wise i would do. that vat free thing for HK is sweet :)
    @TTM ill pm you :)

  • Rich, you should also consider where you're going to train: indoors/outdoors?
    I don't/won't/can't train indoors because noise/temperature/hate the idea of using electricity to either power a device to train on or cool me down.
    It does mean I have days like today where the back yard and a garden brolly come in useful. Or go for a run. But if you're rehabbing a knee back to fitness then running isn't really an option...

    Are you looking to start now, or when you get back?
    Your needs:
    a trainer
    a trainer wheel+ cassette + tyre (it's just easier)
    cadence / wheel revolution sensor (saris/powertap is good here)
    phone / tablet mount or laptop table
    training mat (if indoors)
    front wheel holder thing
    sweat thong for the bike
    if indoors some sort of air mover (https://www.cleva-uk.com/products/vacmas­ter-air-mover)
    if outdoors a garden brolly

    That will get you started, then you could add either:
    powertap wheel
    stages arm

  • amazing cheers D :)
    looking to start when i get back.
    the trainer is exactly because i cant run or play football for a good long while 6 to 8 months is what they said. i fucked the knee quite bad + im not as young as i used to be so healing up.

    thanks for this list big help

  • No probs. It's best to have it all listed so there's no surprises.

    Also. There will be a day you get a puncture on the turbo wheel. And you'll think "how the fuck".
    Also. Your first session is essentially the first day at work trying to get everything to pair and see each other. It's IT Crowd with bikes.

  • and ANT+/Bluetooth dongle if phone/laptop/tablet doesn't do it natively/doesn't do it well/isn't near enough sensors

    Your first session is essentially the first day at work trying to get everything to pair and see each other.

    So true although probably take you three or so before you have everything positioned ;-)


  • Also as it's a wheel-on trainer you'll be annoying anyone you live with or above or below with the noise despite the fact you can't hear anything as you've got headphones on.

  • I think what Rich is wanting is a way to measure power and control resistance without dropping ~£1k on the latest Wahoo or Tacx.

    I've still got a Computrainer that works perfectly well for this. I actually went back to it when the KICKR shat itself. It's a solid unit, only let down by the fact it doesn't work with thru-axle bikes (fine for my old Shiv, Tarmac, etc).

  • Jesus - I think Anquetil used one of those.

  • Shows how solid they are.

  • Your needs:

    Don’t forget a dedicated ‘turbo towel’ when your other half has a go at you for stinking up the ‘nice towels’
    Oh and a sweatband
    And a 2nd fan
    Decent headphones

  • Sweatband is a must

  • I don't see any self-loathing on that list

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Turbo Trainer Advice

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